Daily Essay – Looking Fool Does Not Mean They Are Actually Fool

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What are they thinking about me?
Do they think I am actually fool?
Or Do they think I am embarrassing people with me?

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DAILY IDEA – 4 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

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Hello, I hope you have better day than yesterday. I am about to share you some ideas how to live life little bit much chilling and easier.

Do not try to get obstacles and crisis by yourself when you can avoid it. Get away from hardness as much as you can. That would make your life little bit easier, because you will have hard time enough even when you are trying.

Let’s check out 4 things you got to learn and think about for living smoother life.

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1.Avoid aggressive people

When someone tries to attack your feeling or whatsoever, try to ignore as much as you can. Your reaction could be their joy, therefore, ignoring is sometimes the best way to defeat one. Getting involved with those kind of people is not useful at all for you.

2.Do Not Do Favor Easily

You better think twice when you say ‘Yes’ to someone asking you any favor. Reckless decision is meaning for that. Consider and reconsider if there is something you have to double check before saying ‘Yes’. This would prevent you from deciding stupidly.


3.Do Not Bet If You Can’t Control Risk

You have to be careful of something you can’t mange or control. It does not matter if that is things or people. You will never want to say ‘I can’t help it’ facing with expected crisis or bad happening. When it comes to uncontrollable people working next to you, you should think about any idea how to deal with it as solutions in advance.

4.Meet Halfway If things are NOT so Important.

Better focus on few things that you really need to get. Long time discussion for less important part is not helpful for you. Too high self-pride guys are usually obsessed with it. But, as a result for them, it is highly possible for them to lose the most important matter. Do not try to win at all time, because you have few games to concentrate to win for sure. On the games, you will undeniably defeat ones.

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Attitude makes everything for better effect of what you do. It prevents you from wasting unnecessary time and energy.

Do not make Enemies, Do not take bothersome voluntarily, Make sure of what you do, Do not be stubborn for nothing. Those 4 Things would give you bigger benefit with less effort.

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LIFE LESSON – 10 Things That Miserable People Always Do


Hello, I hope you have a lovely day.

This Posting is mainly for people who might think they are miserable. Check out if you are related, and if so, what you need is doing totally opposite of below explained 10 things.


1.Speak Negative and Talk Behind Someone’s Back

People, who tend to think they are miserable by themselves, usually have a bad habit speaking negative and talking behind someone’s back to feel like they are better than them. But we all know that kind of words are not able to take them down or upgrade them. They are just marked a type of person enjoying talking behind. If you would like to be treated, respect others first and praise them.

2.Social Media Addicts, Too Worried about how people think

Addicts like, a.k.a. Social Media attention whore, tend to feel themselves that they are miserable. They are always worried about what if people think my post and photo look bad. They even feel jealous when they catch nice post of someone else and photo on social media. If you think you are one of them, you better quit your activity there to increase your mental health.

3. Never Get Over Things

If you are a type of person not getting over quickly and thinking about it over and over again, you might be one of them in miserable group. You better be positive and try to improve your life quality based on your previous mistake.


4.Give Up Easily

Miserable people feel scared of things that they have actually not started yet. Or they want to easily give up as soon as they face with any kind of problem after starting. If you give up with no effort to solve the problem, there will be only feeling of being defeated. That is why you try to keep going on to get achievement from procedure no matter what result you get.

5.Do not Forgive A Fault of Someone

Full of Revenge to someone is making you feel miserable at the end. That someone could be your family, friends or lovers. This does not mean you have to forgive all kind of fault from them. But at least, Try to be peaceful and thinking about your revenge once again, because this mindset eventually brings you a inner peace an freedom.

6.Focus On Your Cons ONLY

Everything has its own pros and cons. If you only focus on your cons only leaving your pros behind, ultimately, it takes you down and make your miserable. You can improve your cons with time. Do not lock yourself in a jail of cons and disadvantage.


7.Less Time Of Sleeping

Scientifically, How long you sleep last night is related to your happiness. People have better productivity and much happiness if they sleep well last night, however, for who does not, they tend to feel annoyed much and think negative. Therefore, for your own happiness, let’s try to increase wellness of sleeping.

8.Do not Eat Healthy

Of course, people feel happy when they eat what they want. But this must have a limit. According to research, miserable people usually eat a lot and release their stress with eating. But you have to know that this satisfying feeling is just temporary. For long term of your life, you better get a healthy diet to get more positive energy.


9.Set A Goal Which You Can Never Achieve

People overestimating themselves and set a goal related have a lot of case of frustration, as they did not finally achieve the goal. Avoid unrealistic and unreachable goals and instead, set little plan first to easily achieve. This way will gradually increase your achievement and satisfaction.

10.Do Not Work-Out

Everyone would know that exercise helps you not only physically but also mentally. When you do not workout at all, you have more chance to feel helpless in your life and lose your happiness. Get more exercise to have good feeling.

If you would like to be lucky overcoming, Check out below to get tips to even have more chances for it.

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DAILY – GERMANY – Blazing Moments of passed days in Frankfurt and Eschborn

When I first moved to Germany, I once stayed in Eschborn area in Germany.

It was not bad but, sadly not that good for me either. Do not take it personally if there are viewers living in the area. I just meant that it is quiet, calm, peaceful area to live, but I just wanted to live in more cheerful and lively area in the country. But I strongly agree with a fact that It is such a perfect area for families having kids to raise or old couples.

Anyway, I moved out from there to be in Frankfurt city after 6 months living.

one of days in the evening in Eschborn Bahnhof

After moving to the city, I could be able to take a walk nearby Main river often. Taking a walk by waterside is one of the favorite things that I enjoy. So why not, It was a good idea to decide to move!
I even captured a enchanting moment when I was enjoying Mainfest in 2018. (as below)

Dazzling moment of Mainfest in Main River in 2018

Besides special events in Main River, Simply enjoying sunset in a daytime is also good for living in Frankfurt city. As I can be there whenever I want to, It is not even a tiring job to do everyday for walking and etc. Having couple of beers by waterside under sunset is kind of awesome feeling thinking like “It is not a bad idea to be alive for this”

Enjoying Beck’s Beer at Main River under Sunset, NICE !

Grabbing some Beers like Plisner or Hefeweizen(Wheat Beer) and head to Main River, Frankfurters ! Let’s meet up there. 🙂

DAILY-SLUMP- Your Choice, Give Up or Keep Going? Decide like Before Dying

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Recently, I have been having mental pains and personal standing position in life.

On Slumping down situation, if you are an adult, You will understand It is quite hard to get consulted or confess to people by me. It is pretty impossible for me, especially, because of my personality. I am kind of type of person to be independent at all time no matter how I am and what problem I have.

My family quite worried about this part about me, as I am working and living abroad apart from my family. They do want to know my situation even though it is quite bad. They want me to tell them a truth all the time. But, you know, I cannot do that, really.

I am on slumping period in life in Germany.

As I do not feel free yet living here as a foreigner due to language barrier, My other concerns are going deeper inside of me combined with it. I could overcome language problems with my effort, but in somehow, time was already passed for few years in English and Korean, with the fact, I became feeling even awkward to learn and speak it out from my mouth. Confidence of German Language is already on the bottom. To be honest, I really do know know the right solution for me at the time.

But I have to keep living, right? As I told you on the post: first blogging post, I have to live if I do not die. I gotta have solutions for my life in here. I tried to organize what I can do next as below. :

  1. I can go back to my family to my home country to make myself relieved and healed.
    But this is NOT what I want to do. Even though I almost dying for some reasons, This has to be the last option for me. I do not want to give in to my obstacle and stupid slump.
  2. First, Getting rid of all the stress that I have gotten from German life. And those are Working, Language including administrative processes in German and so on. I quit a job and now, money for living does matter. It also gives me a stress. I need to get helped by German Labor Administrative Agency. However, It requires German Language for consulting which is another problem for me.

In the middle of writing down concerns and possible solutions, It became clear and I realized All should be a stress if I want to keep living in any foreign country without any previous local experience there.

Image result for overcome image

Let me say, I should stay strong, No more negative feeling, Try to avoid unnecessary stress, Keep Calm and Wait for final decision for my Master Degree. If I fail to get into master degree (It could be further Slump, However, Of course, I hope it will never happen to me…!), then I will need to search a new job.

Everyone, any option life above number 1 is what I want you not to choose in your hard situation as well. Stay strong with me, do not surrender, Show people or yourself that you can overcome and grow better no matter what circumstance you are in.

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Do not give up then you will be a winner of what you desperately want to achieve ! We can encourage and Cheer up each other !

DAILY – IDEA – My very first blogging in life ! 블로그 첫 시작 스타뜨

Life or Death.

If you have to keep living, do it in your way as your best.
죽지 않을 거라면, 그래도 잘 살아보자는 주의.

I have decided to make my own blog in very first time of my life.

Well, I just put my motto of life as starting. You know, I have always thought myself that I have to live well if I decide not to die. Sounds crazy, right? But I am type of person who is not amusing or outgoing. Actually, I can simply say that I am kind of gloomy and depressive most of the time. That is why I am always trying new things to overcome negative feelings which makes me deny my existence or value of life. Anyway, let’s go for it and save my life!