SNAP PHOTO – FASHION OOTD – Natural Look of Grace With Nature


“Natural Look of mine that I captured on one of usual days in Spring.

On a moment of many days I spent in Main River in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was enjoying Starbucks Frappuccino after work-out. Hm-hmm. Do not blame on me for it, like, I had to do it on a very special day under blazing sunset in cool city. 🙂 Furthermore, I was thirsty as hell and felt like sweet stuffs.

I took a Simple Leggings, Black shirt and light brown Cardigan in case of cool air right after workout. Of course, for edgy point on the look, Silver colored Sport Bag was with me.
(T-Shirt and Leggings from H&M, Cardigan from Korea, Silver Bag from Primark.)

Specially, I love this bag so much, as it is so convenient to carry m belongings and always matches my casual and sporty look perfect as a point.

It was a perfect snapshot that I was luckily able to get. Natural Look with Natural Colors in flowing waves in Main River. Especially, All the Harmonized Colors made Artistic Snapshots.

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FASHION OOTD – Favorite Daily Look of Grace / Outfit of the day / Casual Street Style

Hi, there, This is Grace running ‘Authentic Grace, authentic me’ personal Brand. 🙂


Well, as you already saw, I am going to share you how I look in daily basis.
I always prefer simple and minimize Fashion with my unique style in it. It means that I am not so huge fan of bling bling, shiny big size accessories. To give a point on my outfit, I rather noticeable color from my entire look or one special item

I usually match black socks with different type of jeans and pants.
Never failed with the item for vivid impression in stylish way.

If your outfit has only continuous monotone color, Seek out any special item like bags to avoid boring mood.

In my case, like above look, I chose a Dark Purple mini bag which was a gift from my sister. What is secret inside is, that length of bag stripe was long enough to have it on shoulder like mini tote bag. But I tied the stripe up to look street-style cross body bag instead. I usually walk an move active and My footstep is quite wide. That is why I prefer sporty and casual street style. It DOES fit me and I love it. Because of that fact, I do not really like typical office look and outfit even though I have to do desk jobs… Feels like It is choking me in somehow. Lol

I will keep you posted as soon as I find more Fashion Tips to share with you.
Of course, my daily look will be followed as well accordingly. 🙂

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FASHION – ADVICE – Casually Stylish, but Keep Uptown Girl Mood / coached by Grace


Series Of The Post
FASHION – ADVICE – Bold, but adorable / coached by Grace

Hi, I came back for another Fashion Advice for you guys.

I got many articles about British Nobles because of Prince Harry and Meghan recently.
I looked up what is happening on them, but in the meatime, I got inspired by Meghan’s looks. Actually, It is not her looks but typical looks or British Noble young women like Kate Middleton.

Anyway, I thought myself what if I mix two fashion styles with noble looks and casual styles. I mean, WHY NOT? SO Here, I brought you results of my pick’s! I hope you would like it.

You can wear camel wool coat or Poncho depending on your mood. If you want to go for more noble style than casual one, then choose camel classic wool coat ! (Prices of outwears are between 20-60 EUR.)

For shoes, likewise, Go for Stiletto if you want to look glamorous added up on your already-made-stylish look. Of course, you definitely need to have Mules if you wish to get classic and comfy looks. (Prices of shoes are between 30-140 EUR.)

Bag to add on the looks can depend on your height as well. If your height is relatively small than others, go for smaller bag, so you avoid your bag not to make you look smaller. Small bag makes you much adorable, specially. In A Opposite way, Go for Big Bag if your height is tall, that will maximize your good point glowing. (Prices of bags are between 30-130 EUR.)

At last, Color Combination of my pick’s would be not a bad idea for you to follow, because it will give you Classic, Calm, Clean mood on your Fashion.

Wonder Details and Info of all the suggestion? Click photos of products!

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Amazon Women’s Clothing Bestsellers
Amazon Women’s Clothing Bestsellers


Products Info :

I will be back with another suggestions and advice!
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FASHION ICON – My crush, Kristen Stewart

Hi there, today, I am going to post about Kristen Stewart who was a huge crush of me in my juvenile.

She was the coolest person that I have ever seen as soon as Twilight released. Of course, I know that I was not the only one who had a crush on her from the movies. But, I did not have a crush just because of her pretty face.

The biggest reason for me for the crush was her looks. The ways she wear and express her were so amazing and it was just enough to get into crush world.

For your information, I do not care of her private relationship with someone and running rumor and so on. I just do love her as a celebrity who already ranked a iconic looks with gigantic popularity. In my point of view, People must simply respect other people’s taste, thought or belief no matter where they are at and what gender they are. I hope people do not judge her too harsh only because of ways she chose to express herself.

Image result for kristen stewart actress

Check this out, Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress and director. She is the recipient of several accolades, including a César Award, which she was the first American actress to win. She was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2010 and 2012. You can check her brief Filmography on below image. (+and so on)

Back to the main topic, I really love how she wear in a daily life. It can be called on perfection of being chin and free. It is so stylish without many fancy and shiny accessories. Truly, perfect daily look. Best of simple, boyish and casual street fashion.

Mostly, I am into minimalism and simple but stylish street look on fashion.
And I realized way long ago that Kristen can do it easily satisfying my standard.

If you would like to check more about Kristen Stewert’s Fashion, there are some articles that you can check out!

*Post / Article

Kristen Stewart Fashion Style
Kristen Stewart Street Style 11/26/2019 –