ARTIST REVIEW – Suffered and Cheered With Sia / Collab as LSD


“Sia, her songs always make me dance with my soul.”

It is not easy to find people who don’t know who she is nowadays.
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler a.k.a Sia (born 18 December 1975) is an Australian singer, songwriter, voice actress and music video director.

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from Sia – Chandelier Official Music Video 
Maddie Ziegler starring in a series of music videos by Sia

Recently, I needed some kind of songs which understand feelings and thoughts inside me. I didn’t need any person who listen to me because it is even tiring job to do to make them understand me quite hard.

Why should I do that leaving music behind? Explaining by words to someone about me is not always fun, especially when I am in frustrated feeling.

Somehow, I can always get encouraged and cheered by music without any single word to human. And I like that quite much. This time, Sia encouraged me with her soulful songs containing her world.

To understand her world better, her personal life story might sound meaningful.

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Following the disbandment of Crisp in 1997, Sia decided to move to London to follow her relationship with boyfriend Dan Pontifex. Several weeks later, while on a stopover in Thailand, she received the news that Pontifex had died after being in a car accident in London. She returned to Australia, but soon she received a call from one of Pontifex’s former housemates, who invited her to stay in London.

In 2008, Sia discussed her sexual orientation in interviews and revealed her relationship with JD Samson. they broke up in 2011. When asked about her sexuality in 2009, she said, “I’ve always dated boys and girls and anything in between. I don’t care what gender you are, it’s about people. … I’ve always been… well, flexible is the word I would use.”

Sia has suffered from depression, addictions to painkillers and alcohol, and had contemplated suicide, going as far as to write a suicide note. Later that year, in an ARIA Awards interview, Sia said her health was improving after rest and thyroid hormone replacement therapy.  In 2019, Sia revealed that she suffers from Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.


Sia married documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang in August 2014. The couple revealed their separation in December 2016. In 2020, she had recently adopted a son and has decided to be single for the rest of her life.

Basically, Her personal life does not sound happy for all the time. It mainly shows sadness and frustration in her previous life story. However, that made present Sia.  I believe in that Previously Falling into adversity leads human to final and ultimate success and peace in the end.

The Best songs by Sia are on below list (to present me) which are already well known to everyone living in the world.

  1. The Greatest
  2. Cheap Thrills
  3. Elastic Heart
  4. Big Girls Cry

And did you know what?

From 2018, Her moves has been heading to collaborations with 2 other artists. This supergroup is called LSD. (Yes, the same name as a sort of drugs)

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The supergroup consists of British musician and rapper Labrinth, Australian singer-songwriter Sia and American music producer Diplo. The ensemble has released six singles, five of which appear on their first album, released on 12 April 2019.

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Studio album by LSD

The Best song by LSD is Genius. Try it right now if you did not know about the song! Lyrics and Melody are unique and iteresting.

the song was released on 3 May 2018 as the group’s debut and lead single from their debut studio album, accompanied with a “psychedelic” animated music video directed by Ben Jones and art by Gabriel Alcala. The song impacted the US alternative radios on 19 June 2018. 

A remixed version of “Genius” featuring American rapper Lil Wayne was released in January 2019.


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MUSIC ARTIST- Bülow Is Young And Trendy / Get Stüpid

Hello, there! I brought the first post about music artist.
As Music is a part of Culture and Art, I am also interested in cool artists and creators on the field.

Recently, I got a catchy melody in my head from a song that I have accidentally heard via Youtube. It was weird that I could never forget the song even few days later. I kept reminding of it naturally. I came to search the artist of the song.


You probably wonder what this is about. Let me tell you now, The song is Get stüpid and its singer is Bülow. Let’s get to know about them.

I’m in a, a sea of people
Wondering if the floor might cave in
I can feel the subs shaking the apartment
Friends of friends are calling friends who weren’t inviited
Half the room is brain-dead on some fuckin’ islandBYOB, bring your own booze
DOY, bongs in the bathroom
She shotgun kissin’ the frat boy in the bathtub
He bad newsI wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
Lose my inhibitions, dizzy from the drugs
I wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
Lose my inhibitions
But I don’t trust no one
I don’t trust no oneBroke a window, taped it up and hid the evidence
Think I’m gonna get evicted from my residence
Dropped my phone into the toilet and it’s evident
I’m out of my element, I’m out of my element BYOB, bring your own booze
DOY, bongs in the bathroom
She shotgun kissing the frat boy in the bathtub
He bad news I wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
Lose my inhibitions, dizzy from the drugs
I wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
Lose my inhibitions
But I don’t trust no one
I don’t trust no one I spy with my little eye
Look to my left, look to my right
Somebody sneaking by the sink
Putting anonymous into my drink
Yeah, I don’t trust no one
Yeah, I don’t trust no I wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
Lose my inhibitions, dizzy from the drugs
I wanna get stupid, I wanna get dumb
(Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb)
Lose my inhibitions
But I don’t trust no one
I don’t trust no one I don’t trust no one

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Megan Bülow, known professionally as Bülow (stylized in lowercase letters), is a Canadian pop singer who had success with her debut EP Damaged Vol. 1.

Bülow, born in December 25, 1999 (It is Christmas, she got blessed!) in Berlin Germany, grew up and lived in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. 

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German-Canadian alt-pop singer/songwriter Megan Bulow began busking on the streets of London at the age of 11 before releasing her debut EP prior to graduating from high school. After being discovered at a summer camp in 2016, when she was 16, Bülow began collaborating with a number of Canadian writers and producers. The artist built online buzz with the single “This Is Not a Love Song,” which gained traction on streaming services in late 2017.

The sparkling alternative pop track was one of three included on her first release, Damaged, Vol. 1, which featured a sound that recalled artists like Julia Michaels, MO, and Ella Vos. Months later, she issued Damaged, Vol. 2, which featured the single “Sand and Bored” with rapper Duckwrth. In early 2019, she returned with the languid “Sweet Little Lies,” which was the lead track off of her third EP, Crystalline. The standalone single “Boys Will Be Boys” appeared later that year.


Moreover, She is a JUNO Award-winning singer-songwriter. The Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year is an annual award given by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to the best new musician in Canada.

Bülow currently resides in the Netherlands, where she recently completed high school at the American School of the Hague.

She had many tour by 2019, however, there is no announced upcoming tour in 2020 yet, sadly. You can stay tuned about any tour schedule through this link. Last event of Bülow was in Canada on 17.Jan.2020.

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