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Are you sure of that you are introvert?

Extrovert people usually get energy from people having active social activity and interaction, on the other hand, introvert types want to have their own space time for getting energy they need for living.

Extrovert types are not specially sensitive of external stimulation, therefore, it makes them want to have more pressure or stimulation from outside to take any action.

In contrast, introvert people do not like to have much external stimulation. They do not prefer crowded place, because thousand of people feels like much pressure to them. They do not like to feel overwhelmed by massive external stimulation and pressure.

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What makes difference of who is extrovert and who is introvert?

The answer is “Chemical substance inside of the body”.


Introvert types have higher level of Arousal substance then extrovert ones, that makes introvert people much sensitive from external stimulation. Extrovert ones, on the other hand, have lower level of it, so they are trying to find stronger stimulation from outside.

But, We all have to know that no one can be defined as 100 % introvert or extrovert. We are not on one of two sides at all.

It does matter for people to get confidence or happiness that they are introvert or extrovert. The two types are simply about ways of pressure and arousal. We can’t say that extrovert people have happier life because they have more social activity with more people than introvert ones.

It is just about “Difference of ways of living life”.

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People tend to have misleading themselves like “Being extrovert would get much happier life than introvert, as extrovert people have more meet-ups , do more challenges and have much possibility to success. Introvert people can never be so!”

Well, Do you also believe so?


If you think you are introvert hearing those opinion fro people, do not blame yourself at all. And do not try to change your type to be extrovert. Knowing yourself better and using it efficiently for yourself are the keys to get much confident and happier life.

You can definitely get satisfying and happy life no matter what personal character you have. Introvert people can always success and be satisfied with their life for sure!

You Decide Your Life Value!

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