Beauty – The Best 2 Ways How to Make Essential Lemon Oil At Home

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In addition to being rich in vitamin C, lemon contains a variety of flavonoids that increase the effectiveness of vitamins and prevent them from lowering.

Lemon is a citrus fruit that has been used in cooking since ancient years to combat certain diseases. It can be used as juices, pastries and infusions, and can also be used to make essential lemon oils.

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Lemon acts as a powerful antioxidant to prevent the negative effects of free radicals. It is also recommended for the following reasons:

  • Vision protection
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Tastes good
  • Promotes digestion
  • Improving the cardiovascular system
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Lemon is a very good fruit for our body and health. Now let’s take a look at how essential lemon oil can be used.

Lemon serves as a stimulant, stabilizer, an old-worldagent, an infection repellent, a systricant, a purifying agent, a disinfectant, a fungicide and a sleep ad supplement, and has an antibacterial action. It also helps to combat the following problems:

  • Stress
  • Fever
  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Skin diseases
  • Hair disease
  • Gastrointestinal problems

There are two ways to create your own essential lemon oil: You can use it whenever youneed it, so you can enjoy all the benefits of lemon.

Let’s Make essential lemon oil At Home!

The first method?

If you like the scent of lemon, sprinkle essential oils at home. It can also be used as a perfume or cologne.

However, it is difficult to find people who have the right machines to make this type of oil. That’s why we’re introducing how to make your own essential lemon oil in an easy and affordable way. You can make it with just a few ingredients.


  • Olive oil (200 ml)
  • Almond oil (200 ml)
  • 6 lemons without pesticides or special treatments (200g)
  • 1 sealable glass bottle (approximately 500 ml in size)

How to make it?

  • Remove the lemon peel and bake in the oven (50 ºC) for about 3 hours to allow moisture to fly away.
  • Put the dry shell in a bottle and pour in two oils.
  • Store in a dry, dark space for about 50 days. Sometimes you need to shake the bottle.
  • After 50 days, squeeze out the lemon peel and squeeze the remaining oil into the gauze.
  • Finally, transfer to the bottle. Whenever you want to feel the aroma of lemon, drop about 5 drops into the essential oil burner.

The second method?

Lemon Essence captures our hearts and brings back memories of our childhood. Lemon has a famous aroma and flavor, as well as a powerful antiseptic action, which can be very useful in the face of infection.

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There is another easy and quick way to make your own essential oils. It will keep you and your family healthy, while thehouse will have an elegant scent.


  • 3 lemons (100 g)
  • Oilve Oil (100 ml)
  • One sealed container or zip bag that can be used even at high temperatures

How to make it?

  • First, bring water to a boil in a saucepan for later use.
  • Peel the lemon.
  • Remove the fiber from the lemon peel. 
  • Then put the lemon peel in hot water to remove the sour taste. Wait about 1 minute.
  • In the meantime, place a zip bag or sealed container in a saucepan and open the lid to fill it with half the virgin olive oil.
  • After one minute, you will find that the water with lemon peel turns yellow. Remove the shell and place it in a zip bag or container with oil and close the lid.
  • Now heat the zipper bag or airtight container using a hot water container. Once the steam has boiled the mixture and blended well, the essential lemon oil will be completed. Season for 2-3 hours.
  • After the time has passed, turn off the fire and wait about 24 hours.
  • The next day, store in a container with a lid in a cool, dry place.
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Beauty – The Most 8 Common Habits That ruin Your Gorgeous Appearance

Reflection Photo of Woman Touching Her Cheek

Before going to bed, do you always remove makeup, cleanse your face, and apply moisturizer?

There are habits that are practiced every day without knowing whether it is good or bad, and among them there are many habits that spoil your health or appearance. First of all, you need to know which habits are harmful to minimize or prevent them.

In this article, I will talk about bad habits that have become a part of my daily life without much thought.

8 common habits that ruin your appearance

1. Crossing your legs

Woman in White Lace Skirt and White Leather Peep Toe Heeled Sandals

Cross-legged sitting position is especially common among women who like elegant positions.

  • Sitting cross-legged reduces blood circulation , causing problems such as varicose veins
  • Braided legs can  cause back pain and genital diseases . This is because if you cross your legs for a long time, it puts pressure on your legs.

2. Taking a hot shower

Woman Taking a Shower

Many people say that taking a hot shower will relieve your body, but hot water can break the natural balance of your skin, just like sunlight.

This is because hot water can make your skin dry and itchy.

  • Dermatologists tell you to lower the water temperature and finish short when showering
  • Use a non-irritating skin moisturizer and avoid using too strong or coarse grains if possible.

3. Comb your hair right after shower

Woman Getting a Haircut

Many people brush their hair reflexively right after a shower, but wet hair is weaker than when it’s dry, so it’s easy to spoil your hair.

Combing your hair when it’s wet is much easier to break or fall off.

  • To keep your hair healthy, dry it gently with a towel.
  • Dry naturally and then comb
  • Regardless of the length of the hair , comb from the tip to the root

4. Too frequent Exfoliation

I think you must exfoliate in order to get rid of blemishes, but too frequent exfoliation promotes the secretion of sebum or even dry the skin.

Dermatologists recommend lactic or glycerol-based peeling products over exfoliating agents that are physically irritating.


5. Resting Your Chin on your hand

Young Asian lady with smartphone in cafe with hand at chin

If you focus on reading or computer, you can often see people holding their chins on their chins without their knowledge . If the chin is supported, the hyoid bone is slightly distorted as the chin is pressed by the strength of the hand .

Although it is not obvious, it interferes with blood circulation and creates a double chin . It can also accelerate skin aging!

6. Touching your face often

Stylish female rocker screaming in studio

Many times my hands go to my face unconsciously, but the problem is that my hands are not always clean. Touching your face can also cause a number of skin problems.

The main reason that the skin becomes sensitive or acne occurs is that dirt or germs from touching the face are transmitted .


7. Applying sunscreen only on the face

Focused woman applying cream on face in bathroom

As the ozone layer damage gets worse, more sunlight penetrates, causing skin damage. To prevent sun damage, they make the mistake of applying sunscreen only to exposed faces without covering them with clothes.

Carefully applying sunscreen can prevent premature aging and blemishes.

8. Sleep without removing makeup

Close-up Photo of Woman in White Silk Robe Sleeping on a Bed

There are many women who forget to remove makeup after returning home, but when cosmetic residues accumulate in their pores, they become inflamed and cause acne.

Therefore, people, Before going to bed, always wipe your makeup off, wash your face, and apply moisturizer!

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Beauty – The Best 7 Makeup Tips for oily skin You Can’t Miss


“If you have oily skin, you need to keep the skin’s characteristics in mind when applying makeup. 
Otherwise, something could get worse. “

Women's Red Lips

Making makeup on oily skin is really difficult.  Make-up peels off easily, smears, clogs pores, and can cause various skin problems . So today, I’m going to share 7 makeup tips for oily skin. Keep your skin smooth and matte all day long!

Top 7 makeup tips for oily skin that you have to know!

1. Prepare the skin

Free stock photo of afro, afro hair, appartment

The first tip is to prepare your skin before applying makeup. 
That way, all skin products will last longer and look better.

Here’s how to prepare your skin.

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  • Exfoliation :  Exfoliating can help smooth the skin texture and give it a smooth finish. Choose a gentle exfoliant specifically designed for your skin type. Do this at least once a week, and at most three times a week.
  • Moisturizing : The exfoliation has made the skin a bit dry, so the skin will try to produce more oil. At this time, it is necessary to control oil production by keeping the skin moist.

2. Always use free bass

Focused woman applying cream on face in bathroom

If you have oily skin, this second tip will help you keep your makeup consistent.

  • With a light, opaque free base that doesn’t have oil, let’s face the areas that are more oily (forehead, nose, chin). Powder is the best option. 
  • Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying the free base Don’t forget to do this before your makeup base, powder or other makeup.

3. Choose a glossy or matte finish makeup

Nyx Lipstick Beside Eye Shadow Palette

Another tip is to use a mousse or powder makeup product that provides a glossy or matte finish.

  • Look for a moist, oil-free base formula. Choose a scentless mineral option for lasting makeup. This type of product is less likely to clog pores and cause acne.
  • Use a brush or pencil to apply the base. That way, you can absorb excess oil without clogging your pores and creating more oil.

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4. Don’t use too much powder

If you have oily skin, one important tip is to use all products in moderation . Surely, powder can give you a smoother finish, but if you use too much powder , it can cover your pores and increase your risk of infection or acne.

  • Apply powder only where you need it and don’t use too much.
  • It is important to use a translucent matte formula as it can dim the gloss of your skin tone.
  • If you’ve applied too much powder, moisten a makeup pad and gently tap your skin to remove excess powder.

5. Always carry oil paper

It doesn’t matter how flawless your makeup is in the morning or whether it’s matte. If you have oily skin, your face will get oily in a matter of hours. In this case, it is best to use oil paper.

  • The secret to using this paper without removing all the makeup is to simply press it against the oily area to remove the oil from the skin.
  • Never rub oil paper on your skin. That way, the paper can absorb the oil while keeping the makeup intact.

6. Take off your makeup at the end of the day

Woman With White Facial Soap on Face

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It is really important to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Sleeping without makeup overnight can clog pores and create blemishes. Therefore, you must follow the daily routine.

  • Improve skin texture and pore size with a gentle astringent tonic containing salicylic acid .
  • If your skin is even sensitive, you may need to try a few different options first to find one that doesn’t irritate your skin.

7. Use sunscreen for oily skin

Many women with oily skin don’t use sunscreen because they are worried that it will have too much oil and that it will clog pores. However , it is important to remember that exposure to the sun without sunscreen results in spots, freckles and premature aging.

  • Therefore, women with oily skin should buy a sunscreen gel or light sunscreen with SPF50 or higher.

Other advice?

Woman Drinking Water

In addition to following the correct makeup routine, it’s important to avoid fast food and sugar. You also need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and remove toxins!

These care tips can help you control the amount of oil your skin produces.

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Beauty – DIY – Top 3 Useful ideas to recycle Your broken lipsticks

Woman Holding a Pink Lipstick

Herewith I share you an idea to easily restore broken lipstick at home or transform a tired lipstick into a new look.

This article uncovers three ideas for recycling broken lipsticks. If you have broken or melted lipstick, don’t throw it away. Among the lipsticks, there are some things that I like so much that I like them for a long time.

Also, high-quality cosmetics will usually have a high price. If you buy a lot of money like this, and your precious lipstick is still broken one day, your eyes will become dark.

Here are three quirky ideas for recycling broken lipsticks!

How to recycle broken lipstick?

"Beauty" Written With Pink Lipstick

 It is true that sometimes an unsuccessful accident occurs, but in most cases, lipstick is damaged due to carelessness or ignorance of care .

The following are precautions to prevent the lipstick from being damaged.

  • Instead of sticking out the whole stick, you can apply it even if you take out only 1cm.
  • Be careful not to crush the lipstick when you close the lid again.
  • Keep it away from too hot places or direct sunlight. 
    Lipstick is mainly waxy, so it is easy to melt at high temperatures.
  • Be careful not to drop as much as possible.

Let’s look at the idea of ​​recycling broken lipsticks in earnest.


1.How to recover broken lipstick in two pieces

This is useful when the lipstick has two pieces. However, if one side is too small, it can be more difficult. The method is largely simple, but requires patience.

The principle is to melt the ends of each stick with heat and then stick them together to cool.


  • 1 candle
  • Broken lipstick
  • toothpick
  • Refrigerator


  • Light a candle.
  • Turn the case so that the lipstick comes out all the way.
  • Dissolve the broken parts of the two lipstick pieces with a candle, but be careful not to burn them. When the tip melts slightly, it is released from the fire.
  • Join the two pieces of the melted ends together, then apply moderately so that they do not fall again.
  • Arrange the connecting line where the lipstick is applied with a toothpick to make it a complete lipstick.
  • Put the connected lipstick in the refrigerator and harden it for more than 1 hour.


2. How to restore damaged lipstick to high temperatures

If you blink in a hot summer car or near a stove and put a cosmetic bag, the likelihood of the lipstick melting is very high. This is because beeswax, the basic component of lipstick, is vulnerable to high temperatures.

However, we will introduce a way to use this melted lipstick until the original color and texture are not altered, but it can be repaired like a persimmon and worn out.


  • 1 candle
  • Iron spoon
  • Paper napkin
  • Small containers
  • Refrigerator
  • Clip


  1. First of all, since the melted lipstick may fall off and become dirty, a paper napkin is placed on the work surface to protect the surface.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. After putting the melted lipstick on the spoon, melt it over a candle until it is a full liquid that does not clump .
  4. Pour the melted lipstick into a small container.
  5. Scrape the remaining lipstick from the bottom of the lipstick case with a clip, put it on a spoon and repeat the above process.
  6. Seal the container.
  7. Lastly, the container with the lipstick is hardened in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

3. How to turn old lipstick into lip gloss

Don’t just throw it away if your lipstick is broken or you’re tired of getting old. New lip gloss can be formed by the following simple process .


  • 1 pot
  • An iron container that fits comfortably in a pot
  • water
  • 1 teaspoon of beeswax
  • 1 potato filler
  • 2 teaspoons petrolatum
  • Small and clean container
  • lipstick


  • Fill the pot halfway through.
  • When the water boils while heating the pot, lower the fire.
  • Grind the wax with a potato filler and place it in an iron container.
  • Add petrolatum and mix until the texture is uniform.
  • Add lipstick ( the size of the lip gloss is adjusted according to the lip gloss you want to make ).
  • Stir well until the mixture is completely dissolved.
  • Finally, the melted mixture is transferred to a small container and allowed to cool.

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Four Aligned Assorted-color Lipsticks

With the above three ideas, you can recover or use any lipstick broken as much as you like. 
So, Don’t throw away the broken lipstick!

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Beauty – Health – Best 8 Benefits of Lemon Diet You Should Know

Close-Up Photography of Sliced Lemon

The lemon diet works really fast. However, it is recommended to consult with an expert before starting. 

There is good news for those who want to lose weight by dieting. One of the most effective methods is the lemon diet . Not only is the diet effective, it is good for the body in many ways. 

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Since ancient times, lemon has been an indispensable ingredient in many dishes . But lemon is more than just fruit. Lemon is a fruit with antibacterial and antiviral effects,  and contains vitamins and minerals, which helps digestion.

Are you curious? Read this article to the end.

Lemon diet?

Sliced Lemon

Lemon diet is a detox diet . So the effect appears quickly. Thanks to the nutritional properties of lemon, it is included in the detox diet. Drink a glass of fresh lemonade every morning for a period of time. 

But of course it’s not that easy. I am not referring to lemonade that is readily available on the market. Lemonade here refers to lemon juice in warm water. Drink this lemonade, eat healthy food and exercise a lot. When the detox diet is over, you will see the effect and admire it!


Benefits of the lemon diet?

1.Activate the immune system

Lemon contains vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. This also lowers the risk of getting sick.

2.Help digestion

Lemon water also helps regulate food breakdown. When this process is improved, digestion is good. And if you have any problems with the digestive tract, it also controls them. 

3.Detoxify your body

I explained above that the lemon diet is a detox diet. It usually helps remove toxins and impurities that build up in your body . The reason for this effect is that lemon contains a diuretic component.

4.Remove bloated stomach

Lemons contain flavonoids. This compound helps reduce inflammation and pain.  It also eliminates chronic bloating symptoms.


5.Activate the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is involved in the immune system. It means protecting our body from getting sick. Lemon water contains purified ingredients, so drinking lemon water removes toxins from your body. It also allows the glands, blood vessels, and lymphoid tissues to function effectively. 

6.Lowers cholesterol

The fiber, flavonoids, and polyphenols in lemon prevent bad cholesterol levels from increasing. It can also be interpreted as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. 

7.Give More energy

Lemon water is really healthy. It can detoxify our body and remove fat and sugar from the body. Instead, it provides more nutrients, so it generates more energy . 

8.Help overall diet and gives vitality

Drinking lemon water in the morning will keep you feeling full all day. It doesn’t mean you won’t eat other food, it means you do n’t have an appetite to eat something .  Your body will not absorb fat, and of course this will make you lose weight.

So, How to do this Lemon Diet?

Woman In White Long Sleeve Shirt Wearing Eyeglasses Eating  Fruit

In order to see the effect, there are points to be observed like other diet methods. If you want to drink lemon juice with warm water and lemon juice, keep the following in mind:

  • Eat a lemon diet for just 5 days, no more or less. 
    It is not a diet that satisfies the nutrients and calories our body needs.
  • Drink this water every time you eat. 
  • Drink a lot of water Only then can our body supply the water it needs. 
    This prevents fluid retention. It is good to drink about 2 liters.
  • Do not eat foods containing fat for 5 days.
     Refers to fried foods, processed foods, and dressings. To detoxify your body, you need to eat only healthy food.
  • The first day is a partial fast. This is probably the most difficult. It gives your body time to adapt to the diet. 
    This will refresh your metabolic activity and make it more effective.

The effect of the lemon diet comes really fast. 
However, considering its characteristics, it is better to start by consulting an expert first!

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Beauty – Essential Tips To Know For Getting Glamorous And Smooth Butt / Buttocks

2020 Summer Swim Bottoms Womens Sexy Hawaiian Style Bikini Bottoms ...

Hip skin is also an area that needs care. To keep your hips healthy, you need to take care of them.

Exercises that help make your buttocks strong and elastic can be easily done at the gym or at home. 
Let’s give elasticity to the buttocks and remove cellulite by the method introduced in this article!


Yoga GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you want to give elasticity to your buttocks, massage. Like the shoulder muscles, the gluteal muscles may be stressed out.  The Massage before you start exercising is a great way to relieve muscle tension.

If you feel discomfort or pain while massaging, try reducing the intensity and then gradually increasing it. Feeling pain in this area is a sign of muscle tightness.

Massage your hips for about 10 minutes before exercising.

Exercise to shape

Pin on Butt Exercises And Workouts

It is recommended to build a routine to develop a beautiful butt, including the following exercises.


  • Spread your feet to hip width and lower your posture as if you were trying to sit on a chair.
  • The back should always be kept straight, and the position of the knees should not go forward beyond the toes.
  • Extend your arms forward when you bend your knees.

Exercise on one’s stomach

  • Lie on your knees where there is a mat or cushion to avoid hurting your knees.
  • Straighten your back and contract your abdominal muscles to get a stable posture. If this posture is uncomfortable, start with your elbows on the floor.
  • Stretch one leg straight, then move up and down. Repeat the other leg.

Bridge exercise

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees so that the soles of the feet touch the ground. At this time, your legs are as wide as your shoulders.
  • Slowly lift your body, giving strength to your abdominal and hip muscles. Raise it as high as possible, then slowly lower it.

Habit-powering habits

  • Let your hip muscles contract when you are in the elevator or waiting in line.
  • Contract your muscles for 5 seconds and then release your strength. It is recommended to repeat this action several times.

How to give elasticity?

This method improves hip skin texture, removes cellulite and provides elasticity. 

To try this method, prepare round cups lined with rubber. The cups can be purchased at Oriental medical supplies stores that sell acupuncture products. Massage oil is also required. Products like almond oil, olive oil or sesame oil are recommended.

Apply oil or moisture cream to the hips and massage in a cup for 5 minutes in a circular motion. Massage the other hip in the same way.

Or simply use butt enhancing cream which can be easily seen in the online / offline market. Here, below products are what I would like to recommend for you!

Recommendable products to enhance your buttocks?

Cellulite Creme, Anti Cellulite, Cellulite massage Creme, straffende Crème aktiviert die Haut zur Verbesserung der Hautkontur,zur optimalen Aufnahme der Wirkstoffe,Hilfe Bei Orangenhaut und Cellulite
  • Anti-cellulite cream: Reduce cellulite on hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Deeply relaxing body skin, scattered fat lumps and circulation, breakdown and removal of stretch marks, removal of body cellulite.
  • Tightening: A powerful metabolic booster that will restore and tighten your skin. Our bag cream penetrates the epidermis and creates a warming effect that works
  • Suitable for all skin types: with our anti-cellulite butt cream you get the butt from which you always use quickly for 1 month daily and get the desired results.
  • Directions for use: After cleansing the skin apply the slimming gel evenly to the fat deposits of the body and massage for 3-5 minutes with circular movements until full absorption.
  • CAUTION: Although rare, there may be burns or irritations. Test a small amount on the skin before applying it to larger areas. If the product is uncomfortable or causes irritation, please stop using.

Cellulite Öl Bio | Massageöl Anti Cellulite mit Bienenwachs, Olivenöl, Ätherische Öle, Koffein & Vitaminen | Verstärkt die Kollagen Produktion, die Ihre Haut wiederbelebt. Strafft und stärkt die Haut, bekämpft Cellulites | 100ml
  • Deep hydration: Open bit a new soft, silky texture. Helps restore a younger, strong, smooth appearance. Provides the skin with moisture. Stimulates metabolism and destruction of the muscles of the skin, as it is accumulated fats and toxins from the body backed.
  • This thick combination of anti-oxidation agents and nutrients help to restore the beauty of any skin and to reduce cellulitis.
  • Both men and women can use it to win healthier looking skin. Use it to arms, legs, stomach and back baking, to reduce cellulitis and to improve the smoothness of your skin. You will be impressed by the quick result.
  • Dermatologically tested – Natural product Greek (100ml/3.4 fl oz) – NO great value tyre filler, no water, no mineral oil, no petroleum, paraben free, chemical free – Not tested on animals – SLS Free
  • The unique combination of natural oils and extracts provides with every use a wide range of nutrients and benefits the skin used functionalities

Exfoliating and moisturizing

Hip skin is also an area that needs care. To keep your hips healthy, you need to take care of them. 

  • Try exfoliating once every 10 days. 
  • Massage in coarse salt for 1 minute when taking a shower. 
  • It is recommended to rinse with cold water to promote elasticity.
Clear Glass Container with Coconut Oil

For moisturizing, try using lotions made from natural products or organic ingredients. 
A moisturizing cream made from coconut oil can be a great substitute!

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Beauty – Top 8 unknown techniques Of Salt You Did Not Know

Selective Focus Photo of Salt in Glass Jar

Salt can also be used for cosmetic purposes, and is a great way to improve your appearance without compromising your health. 

Did you know that salt helps cellulite removal? If consumed excessively, it can form cellulite. But salt, which is also used as a cosmetic ingredient rather than as a seasoning, can reduce cellulite in the same way as a local salt cosmetic method.

Since excessive salt intake is associated with many health problems, salt intake through diet should be limited.

Salt can also be used for cosmetic purposes, and is a great way to improve your appearance without compromising your health.  

In this article, I am going to introduce eight new methods how to use salt for your beauty!

8 salt beauty techniques you didn’t know

Salt in White Surface

1. Exfoliants

Exfoliation is a special treatment for the skin . This is because it removes dead skin cells, ultraviolet rays, and other wastes attached to the skin due to environmental pollution.

Salt replaces a commercial exfoliant and can be a 100% natural exfoliant with no added chemicals ! Even without chemicals.

How to?

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of salt and olive oil. When you shower, massage the area you want with salt.

2. Make natural hair curls

Blonde-haired Woman Standing Between Green Plants

Natural hair curls create a more relaxed look. However, it is not easy to make natural hair curls, and it takes professional help to make a shape. You can make a strong hair curl by putting salt water in a sprayer.

How to?

  • Take 1 tablespoon of salt in half a cup of water and sprinkle it all over your head. 
    Make curls by turning your hair with your fingers.

3. Remove dandruff

Dandruff is the most common problem with your hair, and it’s not only annoying, it’s also bad to see.

Coarse salt can regenerate the scalp and remove dead skin.

How to?

  • Exfoliating the entire head with plenty of salt will remove dead skin cells.
  • Massage for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

4. Teeth whitening

Close-up Photo of Woman With Pink Lipstick Smiling

Salt can make your teeth white. The salt component cleans the teeth deep and removes yellow stains.

How to?

  • Mix salt and baking soda 2 to 1 and rub your teeth for 3 minutes.

5. Acne alleviation

Acne is a disease that affects skin health, and people with acne suffer from self-confidence.

The natural composition of salt cleanses pores and regulates oil secretion.

How to?

  • Take salt in brine or oil and apply it to the acne, whitehead, and blackhead areas.

6. Perfect nails

Photo of Person's Hand Soak in Water

Salt’s astringent properties make nails clean and healthy.

How to?

  • Mix 1 teaspoon salt with 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 lemon juice. 
  • After that, immediately soak your nails for a few minutes. Repeat steadily.

7. Salt bath

Salting the bath reduces inflammation and relaxes the entire body. In particular, bathing with sea salt can relieve tired muscles, and so on.

Salt contains a large amount of magnesium sulfate, which removes calluses on the hands and feet and provides anti-inflammatory effects.

How to?

  • Soak a cup of sea salt in the bath and soak for 20 minutes. It can be counterproductive if you stay for a long time.

8. Cellulite Relief

Woman in Blue Tank Top Sitting on White Couch

It is not easy to get rid of cellulite accumulated in the body. 
Reduce cellulite with cheap, easy-to-use salt.

How to?

  • Mix salt and coconut oil, massage the cellulite area for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

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Beauty – Natural Recipes To Make Deodorant at home / Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally

Person Raising Her Hands

It is a necessary process in order to release toxins from sweat and maintain normal body temperature. 
However, this smell makes us uncomfortable as well as those around us.

There are many deodorant products that neutralize the underarm odor and allow you to control if you sweat too much. But many people have sensitive skin that feels uncomfortable when they come in contact with the chemicals and alcohol in these deodorant products.

If this is the case, you can use natural products that can replace deodorant products. Because natural products are made from natural ingredients, they can neutralize bad odors without causing irritation to the skin and even control sweat. 

If you are curious about how to make natural deodorant at home, stay tune and keep reading!

Natural citrus deodorant

Quarter of lemon on pink background

The composition of citrus fruits cleanses the skin and prevents pigmentation in the armpits . Also, the refreshing scent of this fruit is good for neutralizing odors.

Materials required

  • 3 orange peels
  • 3 lemon peels
  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 liter of water

how to make

  • Grind the orange and lemon peels into 1 liter of water and boil.
  • When it boils, keep it well and use it for bathing.
  • When making bath water, add the mixture made above. Also add 3 tablespoons of sea salt and baking soda and mix well.
  • Bathing with this water can have a deodorant and laxative effect.


Natural lavender deodorant

Shallow Focus Photography of Lavenders

Lavender ‘s soft and sweet scent can counteract unpleasant odors. This deodorant is made using lavender weeds that prevent bad odors and prevent stains on clothes.

Materials required

  • 1 cup lavender water
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

how to make

  • Combine the water from the lavender with 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and mix well.
  • Close the vial well and store at room temperature for 10 days.
  • After 10 days, the mixture can be mixed with water and used daily.
  • Clean your armpits and apply this deodorant without moisture.

Powdered natural deodorant

Sliced Lemon Fruit in Glass Picher

This natural deodorant can be useful for people who do not like cream. In addition , the ingredients contained in this powdered deodorant control the odor of the armpit, prevent excessive sweating, and reduce marks. 

Materials required

  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of corn flour
  • 10 drops of lavender concentrate
  • Mint, lemon or sage oil

how to make

Mix the above ingredients and apply a small amount to your armpits every day.


Natural flax seed deodorant

A Jar Filled Of Chia Seeds

This natural deodorant can be a good alternative when you want to cut off chemicals that irritate your skin and leave marks on your armpits.

Materials required

  • Purified water 100mL
  • 1 teaspoon flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 10 drops linseed oil

how to make

  • Add flax seeds to purified water and boil.
  • When it boils, put out the fire and filter out the flax seeds.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to water and add 10 drops of your favorite natural oil.
  • Lastly, the remaining mixture applied to the armpits is stored in a bottle.

Homemade Lemon & Rosemary Deodorant

Green Leaf Plant on Wooden Surface

Rosemary contains ingredients that cleanse and clean underarm skin. And lemon is known as a natural cleanser and has a strong aroma. Using these two materials together, you can manage your armpits without chemicals.

Materials required

  • 100 mL of water
  • 4 tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves
  • 20 mL of alcohol at 90 degrees
  • 10 drops of witch hazel oil
  • 5 drops lemon juice

how to make

  • First, boil the water, and when the water boils, add 4 tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves. Mix well, cover and wait 10 minutes for rosemary to come out.
  • When completely cooled, add 90 degrees of alcohol and drop 10 drops of oil and 5 drops of lemon juice.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and apply them to your armpits to prevent odor.
  • The remaining mixture can be stored in a glass bottle for a month.

I hope that the deodorant that is easy to make in the house introduced so far will be useful!

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Beauty – How To Whiten Your Teeth With Natural Ingredients / Get White Smile!

Woman With Red Lipstick Smiling

It is very important to keep your teeth hygienic. You can manage the bacteria and plaque on your teeth with an apple-like fruit or a vegetable peel such as a carrot.

Did you know that certain foods can make your teeth yellow? Tobacco as well as food can turn your teeth yellow. If you treat your teeth, you can revert to the original color, but there are ways to do it at home without going to the dentist. 

This article introduces how to whiten teeth .

Coffee, tea, dark soft drinks and smoking can also change the color of your teeth. In some cases, dental treatment is the only way. 

Orange peel

Orange Slices

Try using the inner part of the orange peel to remove the stain on your teeth. The white part inside the orange peel contains vitamin C, pectin and limonene. Limonene is a natural ingredient that helps whiten teeth.

  • How to use
    How to use is very simple. Wash the oranges and peel them, then rub the white part of the inside of the orange peel on your teeth. After 30 minutes, finish brushing your teeth as usual.
    caution! Don’t use it too much. Use only 1-2 times a week. 

Aloe vera

Three Green Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera is a healthy and effective way to whiten teeth . Just brush your teeth with aloe gel. Unlike the orange peel, this method does not have any problems even if used daily.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also good for whitening teeth. Instead of toothpaste, you can soak 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda in water and brush your teeth as usual. However, since baking soda can damage the enamel on your teeth,  it is best to use it only once a week.


Macro Photography of Strawberry

Did you know that strawberries help remove plaque? 

Cut the strawberry in half and rub it on your teeth for a few minutes. Strawberries play a role similar to baking soda, but have a lower risk than baking soda. In addition, since the fiber contained in it removes harmful bacteria, strawberries are a good fruit for hygiene.

Additional Tips!

Woman Wearing Teal Off-shoulder Dress

Don’t forget that excessive attempts at the methods presented in this article can be detrimental to tooth enamel. 
It should not be used too often.

You can also eat a lot of celery , carrots, and apples, which are good for your teeth’s hygiene and health
These foods help create saliva, which plays an important role in removing tooth stains. Also, don’t forget to use dental floss and mouthwash.

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Beauty – 11 Useful Tips For Long-Lasting Makeup You Must Know

Woman with brown hair doing lipstick and holding little mirror

Many daily activities and external factors such as pollutants can spoil makeup that takes a lot of effort every morning.

Today in this article, we’ll look at 11 interesting tips for long-lasting makeup .

How good would it be if the makeup was maintained properly and there was no need to fix it every moment? However, the sweat from the body, the temperature, and the molecules in the air gradually fade it until the cosmetic disappears completely from the face.

Fortunately, there are a number of handy beauty tips you can use every day for long-lasting makeup.

Let’s check out some tips right now!

1. Washing your face perfectly

Woman Washing Her Face With Water

Before applying any cosmetics, you should wash your face well with a mild cleanser and water.

This step reduces the blemishes on the skin’s surface and allows makeup to stick to the skin.

2. Using moisturizing cream

Woman in Black Brassiere  Facing the Mirror

In order for cosmetics to spread well and stay on the skin for a long time, a moisturizing cream must be applied.

This is because the moisturizing cream forms a protective layer on the face and prevents changes due to natural lipids on the face.

3. Using a primer

Primers are very popular. It removes excess shine from your face and keeps your makeup fresh all day long. It is applied to uneven areas for an even makeup base and used before applying foundation step.

Moreover, if you continue to use the primer, the pore size will decrease, making impurities and blackheads less prone.

Recommendable products to maintain your makeup longer?

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer, Clear, Makeup Primer, Ebenmäßiger Teint, Vermindert feine Linien und Poren, Vegane Formel
  • Light and skin-optimizing primer for an even base for makeup forming a soft cushion between skin and make-up
  • Colorless texture + coverage of fine lines and large pores + ideal for all skin types and tones
  • Silky Vegan Formula, Also Available in Lavender and Green for Color Correction
  • Box contents: 1x NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer, colour: Clear, 30 ml

NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler, Makeup Primer, Reduziert Poren, Ebenmäßiger Teint, Leichte Textur, Vegane Formel
  • Light primer reduces the appearance of pores, facilitates application and improves the durability of the foundation.
  • Transparent & vitamin E-enriched texture
  • Ideal for oily skin and every skin tone
  • talc-free and oil-free + vegan texture
  • scope of delivery: 1x NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler Primer, 20 ml

NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Primer feuchtigkeitsspendende Makeup Grundlage
  • Ideally prepares the skin for the makeup
  • Moisturizing and Longer lasting finish
  • The primer prepares the skin for an even makeup.
  • Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as jojoba and rice oil
  • Hydra Touch Primer provides moisture and ensures a dreamy finish.

4. Using finishing powder

Finishing powder plays a very important role in preserving makeup. To apply properly, you should tap lightly with a brush so that it can be applied evenly to your face. 

In addition, you shouldn’t be “swept” when you apply powder on your face, because it will erase the already applied cosmetics. After the finish powder has been applied to the desired area, wait a few seconds and remove excess powder with a soft cloth or brush.

Recommendable products to maintain your makeup longer?

NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Finishing Powder, Gepresstes Puder, Perfektionierte Haut, Mattes Finish, Ölabsorbierend, Vegane Formel, Farbton: Translucent
  • Mineral fixing powder with vegan formula + oil-absorbing effect to fix the foundation for a long-lasting effect and matt finish
  • Colorless and can be used as a primer or for color correction, it suits all skin types and tones
  • Simply put powder under the eyes, cheekbones, along the T-zone or other places
  • Use the powder directly after the foundation
  • suitable for fixing liquid and powder makeup

Manhattan Soft Mat Loose Powder, Loses Puder zum Mattieren und Baken des Teints, Farbe Natural 1, 1 x 20g
  • Ultra-fine powder that perfectly mattifies skin giving velvety appearance
  • Light texture for spreading even on the overall skin
  • To be used solo as matting or on top to fix the foundation
  • This makes the look ultra long lasting.
  • Due to the almost transparent color of the powder, it is great for an everyday or no-make-up look, but also for the full make-up
  • Available in 2 color shades. makeup sponge is included

MAYBELLINE Fit Me! Loose Finishing Powder – Fair
  • The fit happens from start to finish. This silky lightweight finish powder has a touch of color for a seamless natural look.
  • Fit Me loose finishing powder is a mineral base formula designed to help control shine and smooth skin texture with a touch of color.
  • This mineral powder provides the finishing touch to your makeup base.

5. Using a water proof product

Photo Of Woman's Head Above Water

Waterproof mascara, eye shadows and cosmetics are perfect for oily skin or those who sweat a lot. This is because these products do not need to be constantly modified, and they can be maintained for a long time.

However, since the chemicals contained in this product tend to be more irritating than normal products, you should allow your skin to rest for a few days after using the waterproof product.

6. Using long-lasting lipstick

Woman Holding a Pink Lipstick

Cosmetics companies make long-lasting lipsticks like a trend. 

These products are intense in color and can be maintained all day long without further modification. If you can’t find the perfect long-lasting lipstick, use regular lipstick and a bit of finishing powder to prevent it from being erased quickly.

Lip products to maintain your makeup longer?

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Un-Nudes Lippenstift – flüssiger Lippenstift, bis zu 16 Stunden Halt, intensive & langanhaltende Farben, mattes Finish, Nr. 70 Amazonian, 5 ml
  • Second skin effect in just one coat
  • A precise arrow applicator for a smooth matte
  • Ultra-chic matt finish and flawless for at least 12 hours
  • Maybelline Presents Superstay Matt Ink + An Intense Ink Colour Concentration
  • No matter whether in bright colors or soft nude tones. Thanks to the soft applicator tip, the paint is applied precisely and evenly. Non-stop matte finish for a beautiful lip make-up.

KIKO Milano Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 104, 2.5 g
  • Lipstick no-transfer, natural tattoo effect and extremely long hold (10 hours clinical instrumental test)
  • Water-based formula guarantees in combination with special film-forming polymers
  • Natural tattoo finish and a pleasant “weightless” feel on the lips
  • Its liquid consistency dries in a few moments and leaves the lips a light, barely noticeable film
  • The slightly rounded precision tip allows the contours to be traced, the lips to color with the desired color intensity

7. Apply eyeliner twice

If, after a few hours, the eyeliner is smeared and irritated, apply a little compressed powder on top after using the eyeliner pencil.

Then wait a few seconds, and then  apply a liquid eyeliner over the powder.

8. Using Blushers

Red and White Makeup Brush

It is very easy to apply and lasts much longer than powder.

Also, It is important to know how to apply evenly to give a natural impression.

9. Use the right products on your skin

Women with oily skin should purchase oil-free powder cosmetics without lipids for long-lasting makeup.

On the other hand, women with complex or dry skin should use creamy makeup or stick products.

10. Avoid excessive makeup

Many people think that if you make up multiple layers of makeup, it will last longer than if you did one layer. But this is a false belief.

However, makeup artists say that if you make a thin layer of makeup, it will last longer.  Excess makeup is not only easily removed, but also makes the skin look bad.

11. Don’t forget the facial toner

Woman Getting a Facial Treatment

The best product you can use to make your makeup last is facial toner. This refreshing toner cleans the pores and keeps the skin from losing its natural shine.

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It is ideal to use toner before makeup, but you can also spray it over your face several times a day. However, you should always wipe off excess toner without rubbing too hard with a cotton pad.

Even without the help of a professional makeup artist, these simple methods make perfect long-lasting makeup possible.

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Beauty – Top 9 Secrets For You Not To Wash Your Hair Everyday

Grey Hair Blower Near Pink Hair Combs and Scrunchies

Washing your hair every day is not only annoying, but it can also boost oil production. It might get your hair messier or hurt.

You may need to wash your hair every day to keep it clean.  However, it takes a long time. Proper hygiene is required to maintain the scalp’s pH, but it may be better not to detect it every day. This is because the sebaceous glands of people who wash their hair every day produce more oil. 

So, if you want to combine health, practicality, and hygiene, learn about the 9 secrets to perfecting your hair every day without having to wiggle your hair.

1. We are what we eat

The words “we are what we eat” are more sincere than we thought. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair clean for a long time, you need to adjust your diet.

For this, you should exclude fatty foods, fried foods, sugar, white bread and canned foods from your diet. 
Instead, substitute foods that help reduce sebaceous gland activity.

  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • dairy product
  • Lean meat
  • nuts

2. Use dry shampoo

There are several well-known  dry shampoos on the market.

  • If you want to remove the oil using a dry shampoo, you can split your hair into several equal parts and apply it to the roots as you would with a hair spray. 
  • If the shampoo is talc-like powder , apply it to the roots and wait 10 minutes. After that, brush your hair. 
  • This will create a protective layer around the oily hair to keep the hair clean for longer.
Is Dry Shampoo Right For Me? – Hair On The Move 2 U

3. Don’t Let Your Hair Contact To Too Hot Water

The temperature of the water you use to wash your hair is also important.

It is recommended to wash your hair with cold water, and do not wash your hair with hot water. 
This is because hot water increases the amount of sebum produced by the scalp.

Also, it is better to dry your hair naturally, not a hair dryer.


4. Let’s braid

Woman in Black Tank Top With Braided Hair

  • If you don’t have time to wash your hair, braid it.
  • If braided hair can hide the oily roots. The thicker the braid, the better.
  • The best way is not to braid your hair very loosely. This will help hide the fact that your hair is not clean.

5. Let’s part your hair opposite

Let’s change your parted hair which you used to make. As the hair gets used to a specific position, the area where parted hair is burned each time could become much messy. Even a simple way changing the hair’s part can make your hair look cleaner and more voluminous.

6. Regularly brush your hair

It is recommended to wash your hair brush or frequently used comb at least once a week. If you don’t, sebum, conditioner, or other substances that may remain in the brush will re-infiltrate your clean hair.

  • Rinse your comb and hair brush once a week with warm water and shampoo or soap. 
how to mange frizzy hair


7. Comb your hair before bed

A good trick to keep your hair clean for longer is combing your hair before bed.
Tilt your head back and place it on a pillow, then ponytail or loose braid.

8. Don’t loose your hair

Woman in Naked Figure

The straight hair looks more dirty and oily. 

The best way to avoid this is to comb the roots for a sense of volume and then lift your head.

9. Learn how to wash your hair

It is not good to wash your hair the old way. Wash your hair in the following way.

  • Do not scratch your scalp when washing your hair. Instead, rub it gently with your fingertips. 
  • The conditioner is applied from half to the end of the hair, not the roots .
  • When you have finished washing your hair, shake it off by hand before removing it with a towel.

Photo of Woman Covering Face with Her Hair.

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Beauty – DIY – 11 Natural Ingredients To Make Makeup Remover At Home

How to Take Off Your Makeup the Right Way | Makeup remover

If you have run out of makeup removers and makeup removers, or think about your skin and want to use more natural products? 

 There are other ways to remove makeup, even if it is not a chemical product or a product sold in stores. Today, this article introduces how to make a homemade makeup remover. 

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Makeup Removing tips?

The way you remove makeup depends on how much makeup you have done on your face, and especially WHERE.

An Open Letter To My Bare-Faced Self

If you use mascara and eyeliner a lot on your eyes, it will take more time to erase them. This is because many mascara and eyeliner products come out as waterproof. Even if you wear good lipstick or apply a lot of lipstick .

It is easier to erase the face except for the eyes and lips . Remove thick makeup with warm water and neutral soap, and if desired , clean even more “ deep into the skin  ” .

Actually, Removing makeup is something you can do in minutes. 

We do makeup every day because the more we do, the more pretty, shiny, bright and clean our faces are.  So, do not go to sleep without removing your makeup. If you sleep without removing makeup, your pores will not be able to “breathe” and you will wake up in the morning with your face covered with blemishes. This will make your skin oily and increase your acne, rashes, and blackheads. Even if it is a very tiring day , you should take 5 minutes to remove your makeup and sleep.

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Especially, if you wear contact lenses, as cosmetics are itchy or burning away into your eyes or lenses.
Therefore, get rid of it before removing makeup.


Homemade natural makeup remover

Black Seeds, Fresh Flowers, A Bottle and A Mortar

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1.Natural yogurt 

Rub a layer of natural yogurt on the face for a minute, and wipe your face with slightly moistened cotton or tissue in warm water .

2.Warm milk

Heat one or two spoonfuls of milk for a few seconds and soak it in a cotton pad . Wipe off the wet cotton pads by tapping them on the face.

Wipe off the areas that make up the makeup like the eyes with a little more force, so as not to itchy or painful . Don’t forget to wash your face with water after removing it with a cotton pad.

3.Olive oil

Best for dry skin. Add a drop or two of olive oil to your face and gently massage it over your face. Then , wipe it off with a tissue moistened with warm water .

If you feel it too oily, wipe it off with neutral soap and warm water . Olive oil is great for removing eye makeup as it doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes.

4.Almond oil

Almond oil is good for women with oily skin, because this five days a year cycle “neutralize” a rather greasy skin without fertilization. Use the same ways as olive oil.


5.Chamomile and olive oil

Allow the chamomile tea to cool down . Wet the cotton pad with a few drops of olive oil and apply it to your face, especially around your eyes . This will remove the sensitive areas of makeup while at the same time reducing the swelling of the dark circles and eye bags.

6.Almond oil

As you can see, oil is a very good homemade makeup remover . If you use the oil for cleansing, you can also remove the makeup and get a moisturizing effect. Almond oil is especially  good for sensitive eyes.

Apply a few drops of oil to a cotton pad and rub directly onto the skin . You can also mix castor oil to make your eyelashes long and strong .

7.Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil, which is another natural material, can clear up in a short time giving smoothness and elasticity to the skin .

After a tablespoon of jojoba oil to a cotton pad dampened with plenty to mix two tablespoons of water, rub massage rounded up look at what is being cleared.


The oil in vaseline is excellent for dissolving cosmetics, making it very effective in removing mascara or eyeliner.

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Place a small amount (not required ) of Vaseline on a tissue, cloth , or cotton pad and apply it to the area where you want to remove the makeup . Vaseline is very thick and oily, so it must be washed and washed thoroughly with warm or hot water .


9.Canola oil

If you mix canola oil with olive oil, you can remove any makeup in seconds . If you put 3-4 spoons of each oil in a cup, moisten it with a cotton pad and tap gently, you will see that the makeup is absorbed and erased . Don’t forget to wash it off with water after you have erased it .


For this way, five large strawberry and 3 spoons of natural yogurt  are needed. After crushing the strawberry, mix it with yogurt , and if you want to do it faster, you can go to the blender. Rub it like a round massage on your face and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash your face with water so that the makeup residue disappears completely and wipe it off with a cotton pad moistened with warm water .

11.Yogurt and lemon

Yogurt and lemon are great for any type of skin. Just mix a spoonful of natural yogurt and a spoonful of lemon juice. Yogurt and lemon are effective for the peel-off to clean the skin surface. Let it stay for a few minutes and wipe it off with a moist cotton pad .

Close-up Photography of a Woman

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Beauty – 6 Recommendable Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hair

Shallow Focus Photo of Woman Wearing White Bikini Top While Smiling

Most people shave in the opposite direction of hair, but if you have good looking hair, it is better to point the blade in the direction of hair growth. 

One of the most common aesthetic problems for men as well as women is ingrown hair. Ingrown hair occurs when the hair follicles grow under the skin due to clogging of the hair follicles due to the accumulation of sebum and keratinocytes. Fortunately, you can prevent ingrown hair. 

It is also a common problem with thick hair or curly hair. It can also be caused by lack of shaving or exfoliation .

Ingrown hair is not a serious problem, but care should be taken as it can cause pain, inflammation and some infections .

Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to prevent ingrown hair. Today, this article introduces the six best ways to add it to your personal care routine.

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6 recommended ways to prevent ingrown hair

1. Remove dead skin cells

Person Scrubbing Her Leg

If your skin is vulnerable to ingrown hair, use exfoliants to remove impurities that can clog pores .  This treatment softens the skin’s touch and removes dead skin cells that cause acne or other blemishes.


  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week before shaving.
  • Choose natural products like honey.
  • Apply moisture after using these products.

2. Choose the proper hair removal method

Person Lying on White Bed

Not all types of skin can withstand all hair removal techniques. It works well, but some can cause side effects such as ingrown hair.

The use of a razor does not remove hair to the roots, which can affect the normal growth of hair. Waxing weakens the roots of the hair follicles, which causes the hair to lose strength and cannot penetrate the skin, hindering the normal growth of the hair.


  • Do not use the razor if your skin becomes sensitive or reddened.
  • If you use a waxing method, pay attention to hair growth.
  • Try hair removal cream or natural products.

3. Learn how to shave correctly

Person in Bathtub With Water

If you prefer to use a razor because of time issues or personal preferences, you should use it in the right way to prevent ingrown hair.


  • Wash your skin with soap and water before shaving.
  • Use a shaving cream or moisturizing product to keep your skin hydrated while shaving .
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth.

4. Don’t wear tight clothes

Crop unrecognizable woman in jeans leaning forward on beige background

Even if you don’t seem to have a relationship at all, hair growth can be a problem, especially if you wear tight clothes after shaving. This is because the skin loses its ability to “breathe” and affects the health of the hair follicles.


  • Buy loose clothing made of cotton or well-ventilated fabric.
  • Don’t wear tight jeans or similar clothes.

5. Use a warm compression bandage

home remedies for ingrown hair

Using a warm compression bandage before shaving is a popular way to promote hair removal and prevent clogging of the hair follicles. Heat softens the skin and helps keep the imitation healthy, so it doesn’t get clogged.


  • Heat the water slightly and apply it before applying the skin.
  • Use a pressure bandage twice a day until the hair has grown naturally.

6. Use disinfectants

Person Holding Hand Sanitizer

To prevent infection of the hair follicles, it is recommended to use cream or disinfecting ointment after waxing and shaving.  This is because the razor blade can damage the top of the hair follicle and promote invasion by bacteria and microorganisms.


  • After shaving, dry the skin and disinfect with disinfectant.
  • If you don’t have a commercial product, choose honey, garlic or aloe vera gel.
10 Effective ways to get rid of ingrown hair on your legs

So, Does Ingrown Hair Frequently Occur? 

If so, try out some of the methods mentioned above to get rid of the grow hair. However, if you have acne or infection in your hair follicles, you should visit the hospital.

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Beauty Care – Should We Wash Our Hair Everyday? True Or False!

Woman Holding Gray Hair Dryer and Wearing White Bathrobe
Image from pexel

Is it okay to wash my hair every day? Do you think that is necessary? Do you want your hair to look healthy, vibrant and shiny? Then read this article carefully. 

To get a pretty look, many people use strong shampoos, rinses, and a variety of treatments every day that can damage their hair or dry their scalp. 

You should always keep in mind that excessive is not good.  It is not necessary to have your hair clean with a strict cleaning schedule. In addition, it can make and dry hair.

Most hair care products used by women contain large amounts of chemicals that can damage hair fibers. But don’t worry! In this article, I have prepared several answers to the following questions!


Is it okay to use chemical shampoo?

Woman Taking a Shower
Image from pexel

You can use it, but not too often.

There is a big difference between using some natural products to wash your hair and to use a general market product. 

The latter contains a large amount of chemicals. It is based on natural ingredients such as aloe and coconut oil etc, but it also contains other ingredients that add scent or color and preservatives.

Many of the ingredients in our shampoos exist only to deceive consumers’ purchases. In fact, there is no facts or proofs that these elements do to promote hair health.

Should I not use the shampoo?

Excited woman screaming and looking at camera
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No, it is not necessary to throw away all the shampoo.

To be truthful, you don’t have to do anything extremely. I simply recommend reducing the number of times you wash your hair for a week and the amount of shampoo you use each time. Or Instead, it is suggested to use natural shampoo if possible. 


Then, how often should I wash my hair?

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There is also disagreement between dermatologists and cosmetologists on this point. Some believe it is important to wash your hair every day, while others believe that you only need to wash it once a week.

A good compromise between these two opposing views is to wash your head once every two days. This way, you can be sure that you don’t use too much shampoo, or you can prevent the chemicals from building up on your scalp.

You can continue to use the product you’ve always used, but only a smaller amount. This way, you can keep your daily habits without having to cover your head with chemicals.


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If you want your hair to look healthy and beautiful, you should avoid using too many cleansing products, but that shouldn’t stop you from washing your hair extremely. Why don’t you try to create a routine that suits you, like washing your hair occasionally?

However, it may be difficult for some people to abandon old habits. In addition, many people are also exposed to extreme conditions, such as dust, sunlight, or other factors that often wind their hair. 

In this case, it is recommended to use natural remedies such as homemade hair packs that provide nutrients instead of damaging the hair. 

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Beauty Tips – Best 8 Ways For Hair Removal You Must Know

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The reason for hair removal is to keep the hairless for a long time. However, most hair removal has the disadvantage of being sick. In this article, I would like to introduce a relatively painless hair removal method.

More and more people are looking for hair removal methods to remove unsightly hair. I’m not talking about grooming your eyebrows or shaving your beard. Hair removal is intended to make hair look as if it had never been. There are many ways to epilate, but some really hurt. The method is different, but the goal of hair removal is the same. It is to create a soft, hairless skin.

Despite the advances in technology, most people do hair removal in the old-fashioned way of painful hair removal. This article introduces a simpler, more effective, and less painful method.

Best 8 Hair Removal Methods!

1. Hot wax hair removal

What's the difference between hot wax and strip wax? | LeSalon

It is one of the most widely used hair removal methods. It is a hair removal method that can be done at home, and it is also the most effective method compared to other methods. 

However, care must be taken to apply hot wax to the skin. High temperatures in contact with the hair follicles can irritate sensitive skin. So it is not recommended for sensitive areas (face, armpits, genitals, etc.). 

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  • Wax depilation set: The set offers everything you need out-of-the-box. Wax heater, 400 g wax beans, 30 sticks. Enjoy hair removal at home!
  • Equipped with a sturdy bowl, a removable cup suitable for cleaning, a transparent lid that accelerates the melting of the wax and prevents dust. Intuitive, to see the wax melting process, easy to control heating time.
  • Quick: Heats faster than conventional wax heaters, saves time. These wax heaters support a wide temperature range from 35°C to 110°C. You can adjust it to a suitable temperature for your needs.
  • Safety: The automatic shut-off function ensures that the wax is not heated beyond the set temperature.
  • Effective hair removal: Works without residue, blackheads, low growth and finer hair. Eminent, remove unwanted hair, make the skin clear and shiny.

Wachswärmer Wachs Haarentfernung Wachsgerät, 5 x 100g Wacshbohnen + 30 Wischstöcke,Bohnen Haarentfernungs Wachserhitzer,Wax Warmer Heater Set, Wachsbohnen Warmwachsgerät (Weiß)

  • Equipped with a solid shell, a removable cup that is suitable for cleaning, a transparent lid that accelerates the melting of the wax and prevents dust. Temperature adjustable, guarantees a constant temperature throughout the application.
  • WAX WARMER SET: 1 wax warmer + 5 wax beans + 30 mopping sticks.Enjoy hair removal at home.
  • COMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE: Body hair can be removed up to 98%. Suitable for all skin types and strong & fine hair on the whole body, intimate, face, armpit, bikini line, legs, arms for you.
  • SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: The temperature is controlled accurately and stably by electronics, so that the heating process switches off automatically before the wax gets too hot.
  • PARAFFIN HOT WAX: softens your skin and helps heal cracked skin, good help for winter skin. Suitable for paraffin care on the face, hand, foot and body. Have been used to pamper, smooth and renew hand, feet and elbows with aromatherapy paraffin wax and gentle heat.

2. Cold wax

Everything you need to know about cold wax | Veet
Image from veet official website

If you epilate this way, the chance of getting burned is greatly reduced. However, there are two disadvantages.

The first drawback is that the stickiness of the wax strip is so strong that it has to be pulled hard when pulled out. This means that there is a high risk of injury. And the second drawback is that you must use the epilation strip.

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Sugaring Zuckerpaste zur Haarentfernung für spürbar glatte Haut für bis zu 4 Wochen Veet Zuckerpaste 1 x 250 ml
  • Sugar paste – easy to use with reusable fabric strips.
  • With argan oil – leaves your skin soft and noticeably smooth for up to four weeks.
  • With ingredients of 100 % natural origin. Dermatologically tested.
  • Microwave and bath water safe.
  • Contains a precision spatula with temperature indicator.

Veet Kaltwachsstreifen mit Easy-Gelwax Technology – Für das Gesicht – Geeignet für sensible Haut – Bis zu 28 Tage glatte Haut – 10 x Doppelstreifen
  • For sensitive skin with almond oil and a delicate fragrance.
  • For upper lip, cheeks and chin
  • For easy distance even very short hairs (from only 1.5 mm)
  • Removes hair velvet the roots and adds a sleek skin for up to 28 days.
  • Dermatologically tested.

3. bleaching cream

Woman Wearing Black Top

This method is suitable for people with rare hair.  Since there is not much hair and you do not need to remove much, you can just hide it without removing it.

4. Hair removal cream

Woman Seated on Textile Applying Suncsreen

It is the cheapest method of hair removal. Another advantage is that it is practical and painless . When you need to quickly remove hair in the summer, this is a good way to do it.

However, it is not a permanent method. You can think of it like a shave because it is not a way to remove hair follicles . Frequent maintenance is necessary. 

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Veet Haarentfernungs-Creme Silk und Fresh sensible Haut, 1er Pack (1 x 100 ml)
  • The Veet hair removal cream with Silk and Fresh Technology with sensational fragrance makes hair removal a pleasant experience.
  • There is no unpleasant smell on the skin.
  • The hair removal cream effectively removes unwanted hair, moisturizes and provides you with silky smooth skin.
  • The result? Silky smooth legs up to twice as long as when shaving.
  • For sensitive skin
  • With Silk and Fresh technology and Aloe Vera
  • Silky smooth legs – up to twice as long as a shave
  • Sensational fragrance – there is no unpleasant smell on the skin
  • Dermatologically tested

One&Only Cosmetics Ultra sensitive Haarentfernungs-Creme für Achseln,Hände und Bikinizone mit Aloe-Vera,ultra-sanfte,100 ml
  • Nourishing ingredients: aloe vera extract – moisturises and regenerates the skin; allantoin – soothes the skin; extract of Larrea Divaricata – slows hair growth
  • With One&Only cosmetics you can be sure that your skin and body will be given the best care possible – with vital forces, moisture, beauty and above all health
  • A particularly gentle formula for sensitive skin contains soothing, moisturising and regenerating agents that slow hair growth
  • The One & Only fast-acting hair removal cream effectively removes unwanted hair in just 5 minutes and leaves the skin pleasantly smooth and velvety
  • The One & Only ultra sensitive hair removal cream is recommended for sensitive areas of the body such as armpits, hands and bikini areas.

5. Shaver

Woman in Bathtub With Water

It is also a good idea to shave using a razor . You can epilate this way, especially if you suddenly need to go to the pool.

  • A new blade should be used each time, and shaving cream should be applied and shaved to avoid skin injuries. Leg hair grows about 0.6 cm (0.25 inch) per month. On the other hand, armpit hair grows twice as fast as leg hair. 

6. Electric shaver

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When shaving a beard, it is usually shaved with an electric shaver. It is relatively simple to use and practical. 

But not everyone likes using electric shavers. Some people say that using an electric shaver is uncomfortable and painful.

It is important to clean the electric shaver after use. Otherwise, there is a high risk of developing folliculitis.

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Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver 5-160 3-In-1 Kabelloser Wet&Dry Elektrischer Damenrasierer, Trimmer- und Peeling-System, blau
  • Wireless 3-in-1 Wet & Dry Lady Shaver for use in the bathtub or shower
  • Swiveling shaving foil and trimmer for a perfect shave of the legs, armpits and bikini line
  • The peeling attachment exfoliates the skin gently during shaving
  • The rounded head adapts to the contours of the body
  • 2 extras: trimmer attachment for the bikini area and sensitive areas, peeling attachment

Philips Rasierer Ladyshave Wet & Dry HP6341/00 – Elektrischer, kabelloser Damenrasierer für Achseln, Beine und Bikinizone zur Anwendung auf nasser oder trockener Haut
  • The handy electric shaver for women is suitable for both wet and dry shaving and allows for an individual shaving – simply adjust to individual preferences!
  • With the cordless, battery-powered shaver you can easily shave legs, armpits and bikini zone, for smooth skin and maximum shaving comfort no matter where you are!
  • The ladyshaver has a small shaver head that quickly cuts hair and protects the skin at the same time. Includes ergonomic handle to make shaving easier.
  • The waterproof women’s razor can be used with ease, even if you’re in a rush, for gentle and smooth skin after every use.

7. Threading

Eyebrow threading: What to expect the first time you have it done

This method is a hair removal method that was used in ancient times, and is a method of using cotton thread or silk thread. It’s a little stimulating, but the effect is obvious.  It is an effective way to epilate areas such as eyebrows and face.

8. New hair removal method laser

Laser Hair Removal Facts and Cost - What to Know Before Laser Hair ...

It is the most effective method for people with unusual hair due to hormonal problems or genetic factors. Laser hair removal does not hurt at all by the way it heats the skin. It is a way to remove hair follicles, including hair. 

Choosing the best method for you!

Epilation can hurt, but it is one of the cheapest ways to epilate. And each one will recommend that his or her own method is the most effective.

Don’t be fooled by how others recommend it, but try to find out what works best for you. This is because, as seen in this article, hair can be epilated in a non-stimulating way depending on the individual’s condition and needs.

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Beauty – Top 12 Amazing Ways To Use Vaseline

Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly Original, Travel Size - Adventure Pro Zone

Vaseline can be very versatile. It can be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, from hair to nail care!

There is no end to how to use vaseline. However, it is important to use an appropriate amount because Vaseline is a strong texture. Vaseline is easy to apply and is resistant to water, but sometimes it can be difficult to rinse. Petroleum -based vaseline is the most used material in makeup and body care products.

However , the efficacy of petroleum jelly ( petroleum jelly ) is more than that. Today, let’s look at various ways to use Vaseline in everyday and practical ways.

13 Amazing Ways To Use Vaseline!

1. Long lasting fragrance

Four Assorted Perfume Glass Bottles

If you add perfume several times, but the scent isn’t right, the solution is simple. Vaseline is applied to important areas such as the back of the neck, wrist, and ears.

Vaseline will hold the incense and give it a longer scent.

2. Remove dead skin cells

Person's Face Covered With White Powder

Thanks to its texture, vaseline can be used as a perfect material for homemade exfoliants. This is mixed with a little bit of sun salt or brown sugar and applied to the body, followed by rinsing with warm water.

3. Moisturize your elbows and ankles

This photo shows the legs of a woman who is sitting on a red pillow on a pastel colored couch. The woman is putting on some lotion on her legs with her hands. She has red toenails. Thew whole setting makes a very relaxing impression.

Apply petroleum jelly to areas that dry easily, such as the ankles, elbows, hands, and feet. Apply a round massage and leave for 20 minutes so that it can be absorbed. Vaseline penetrates properly, increasing the effectiveness. 

4. Prevents dye from staining the skin

Woman Getting Hair Treatment

Another way to use vaseline is with hair care. Did you know that Vaseline
prevents staining of the skin when dyeing?

All you have to do is apply Vaseline on your forehead, ears, and other areas that may stain the dye.  This is an easy way to rinse your skin even if it is stained.

5. Heal open wounds

Woman Applying Lotion on Hand

If there is an open wound, apply a small amount of petrolatum carefully to prevent scarring on the affected area. In addition to the healing effect, it also helps to prevent itching.

6. Remove makeup

Woman With White Facial Soap on Face

Most makeup removers are made of chemicals. Even if you don’t feel it now, your skin will show damage over time. For this reason, it is recommended to use natural products like vaseline to cleanse your face.

Rub a small amount of Vaseline using a cotton swab until the makeup is removed. Rinse with warm water and you’re done!

However, if you apply too much on your face, it can clog up your pores, so use only a small amount to remove makeup and rinse with plenty of water.

7. Used for eyebrows and eyelashes

Close-Up Photo Of Person's Eye

If your eyebrows are dirty and uncontrolled, apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to your cotton pad. This will act like a gel and make it tidy.

In the case of eyelashes, this can also be a great help. Apply this lightly on your eyelashes at night and leave until the next day. In a few days, your eyelashes will become longer, darker, and shiny.

Close-up Photography of Woman's Face

8. Make-up lasts longer

Beauty Model in Colorful makeup

Eye shadow to make a longer lasting eyelid rubbed lightly with Vaseline on. This will be the base that will maintain the color and intensity of the eye shadow.

9. Nourishes hair from roots to tip

Woman Wearing White Long-sleeved Shirt

If your hair grows slowly, is easily damaged, or is dry and dull, vaseline can be a good product. Just apply a small amount on the scalp and massage.

10. Treat the rash

Close-up Photo of Person Touching their Shoulder

Vaseline is great for treating rashes. 
This will relieve itching and calm the rash area.

11. Moisturizes lips

Woman Using Lipstick

If your lips are swollen, Vaseline can moisturize your lips. 

You can apply a small amount on your lips or make a homemade lip balm. Melt a small amount of vaseline in warm water to make a lip balm. When it gets hot, you can pick the scent you want.

12. Prevent nail polish from getting messy

Woman's Pink Pedicure

The same can be done for hand and nail manicure, as it prevents pigmentation of the skin due to dye . Apply a little petrolatum in case the nail polish flows. Wipe the flowing nail polish and vaseline with cotton wool!

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Beauty – Skin Care – How To Make Wrinkle-Free Night Cream with Grape seed Oil

Red Grape Fruits on Metal Basket
Image from pexel

Grapeseed oil is a natural ingredient that can be used to make anti-wrinkle night creams. 

Grapeseed oil is easy to find and easy to use!

Grapeseed oil can make effective natural skincare products. The most attractive property of grapeseed oil is that it helps reduce and prevent wrinkles . In addition, the effectiveness of grapeseed oil appears in a very short time. Another major advantage of grapeseed oil is its adaptability. It is very easy to find on the market and is easily combined with other materials.

You can’t imagine how easy it is to make a wrinkle resistant night cream from grapeseed oil . You can get a more noticeable effect by making it a night cream and leaving it overnight.

How is basically skin aging proceeding?

Aging on skin is a normal process that comes with age. As the years pass, the skin loses elasticity, moisture and smoothness. Instead, scary wrinkles appear naturally.

Woman Standing Near Yellow-petaled Flower
Image from pexel

Genetic, metabolic and hormonal factors also affect this, In addition, external factors such as ultraviolet light, pollution, improper hygiene, lack of sleep, and consumption of certain substances such as alcohol or tobacco also affect.

Wrinkles are inevitable, but taking care of your skin can slow or reduce wrinkles. The most important step is to take care of your skin every day. Anti-wrinkle night cream made from grapeseed oil can help!

Benefits of grapeseed oil

10 Benefits of Grape Seed Extract, Based on Science
Image from pinterest

Grapeseed oil is one of the natural products that provides fast and effective results that delay skin aging. It mainly helps moisturize and provides elasticity and softness. Vitamin C, D, E, beta-carotene, as well as a lot of antioxidants.

Many products in the cosmetics industry use grapeseed oil as an essential element. It has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types because it exerts a refreshing function without blocking pores . In addition, it contains a mild skin softener and is very easily absorbed.


In addition , since it contains a significant amount of linoleic acid , it is excellent not only for wrinkle reduction but also for scar treatment. It can be used to prevent stretch marks or applied after sunbathing.

How to make wrinkle-free night cream with grapeseed oil

10 Benefits of Grape-Seed Oil | TheThirty
Image from pinterest

Grapeseed oil is already proven to be a great alternative for health and beauty treatments, so you don’t need to buy other expensive beauty products. Making wrinkle-resistant night cream from grapeseed oil is very simple and inexpensive.

However, it is not easy to extract grape seed oil at home. Although not impossible, the results will not be satisfactory. You can use commercially available grapeseed oil. 

Grapeseed oil has a high antioxidant level , helping to restore skin and reduce signs of aging.

How to use

You can add 5-10 drops of grapeseed oil to the moisturizing cream you normally used . This will surprisingly improve its effectiveness.

  1. Massage your face every night.
  2. Leave until morning.

The effect of anti-wrinkle night cream containing grapeseed oil is moist. Moisturizing is reflected in the elasticity of the face, and the skin looks brighter and cleaner.


Various uses of grapes

Grape seed oil can be used instead of grape itself. Follow these steps to make a wrinkle-free face mask with grapes.

  • Choose 10 large green grapes and mix with vitamin E capsules and 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  •  Next, gently massage the mixture on the face. Let stand for 20 minutes.
  • Finally, remove with warm water until the skin is completely clean.

There is also a much easier way.

  • Divide two grapes in half and rub gently on face and neck.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

Selective Focus Portrait Photo of Woman With a Towel on Head Looking in the Mirror
Image from pexel

Let’s use this wonderful material to fill the day-to-day work of nurturing beauty. You will like it!

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Beauty – Health – Best 5 Smoothies For Strengthening And Nourishing Your Hair


Is your hair fluffy enough? Have you not been able to catch hair loss with topical treatment? 

Then choose one of these natural smoothies to supply more nutrients to your hair and strengthen your hair.

To strengthen and nourish your hair, you don’t have to rely on products that apply directly to your hair. The products are used directly on the hair can not deny the fact that it has many advantages, but , it is also important to know that nutrition plays an important role.

You may be used to the endless use of hair treatments to promote hair health, but to keep your hair strong and thick, you need to take advantage of the properties included in some foods.

For this reason, it is good to know about supplements that can strengthen hair due to its nutritional value and promote healthy growth of hair.

Five delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies are also effective.  The nutrients in this smoothie can give our hair greater shine and strength.

5 Smoothies That Are Great For Strengthening And Nourishing Your Hair


1. Spinach, lettuce, apple smoothie

Green Apple Beside of Two Clear Glass Jars

This delicious green smoothie contains dietary fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals against damaged hair . Not only is this smoothie low in calories and does not interfere with digestion, it is, above all, an ideal way to detoxify your hair.


  • 6 spinach leaves
  • 3 lettuce leaves
  • 1 green apple
  • 1/2 cup of water (100 mL)


  • First, wash the vegetables thoroughly and put them in a blender.
  • Cut the apple into several pieces, put it in a blender and pour half a cup of water.
  • Grind it well until it becomes a smooth smoothie.

How to drink

  • Drink this smoothie on an empty stomach every day.

2. Orange, grapefruit, blueberry smoothie

Selective Focus Photography of Pure Orange Juice

This delicious citrus smoothie is recommended for people with hair growth problems and excessive hair loss. The high content of essential nutrients strengthens the hair follicles and helps maintain optimal blood circulation to the scalp.


  • 4 oranges
  • 3 grapefruit
  • 2 blueberries


  • Squeeze the orange and grapefruit juice.
  • Then pour into a blender and grind with blueberries.

How to drink

  • You should drink this smoothie at least three times a week, in the morning.

3. Carrot, alfalfa, lettuce smoothie

8 Piece of Carrot on Brown Chopping Board

This nutritious smoothie is rich in beta-carotene, amino acids, and iron , helping to resolve thin hair caused by anemia. These ingredients also fight some of the nutrient deficiencies that stimulate hair strand growth and cause hair breakage and hair loss.


  • 5 carrots
  • 2 alfalfa leaves
  • 4 cabbage lettuce leaves


  • After extracting the juice from the carrot, grind it together with alfalfa and lettuce leaves.

How to drink

  • Drink this smoothie in the morning for 2-3 weeks in a row.

4. Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Bell Pepper Smoothie

Home Remedies For Gallstones | Indian Fashion Blog with Latest ...
Sliced Yellow Bell Pepper

This homemade smoothie is made from ingredients that provide a significant amount of antioxidants, protein and healthy oils that promote capillary health .

Therefore, it is recommended to reduce excessive hair loss and hair dryness caused by the accumulation of toxins in the blood.


  • 2 tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts (5 g)
  • 1.2 cups of aloe vera juice (125 mL)
  • 1 teaspoon of green pepper (5 g)
  • 1 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast (5 g)
  • 1 cup of water (200 mL)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g)
  • Half a lemon juice


  • First, add alfalfa sprouts, aloe vera juice, pepper and brewer’s yeast in a blender and grind.
  • Then add 1 cup of water and continue to grind until the mixture is soft.
  • When ready, add half the juice of honey and lemon.
  • Drink as soon as possible.

How to drink

  • Drink this smoothie little by little on an empty stomach or in the morning.
  • Drink three or more times a week.

5. Apple, carrot and orange smoothies

Clear Wine Glasses

This nutritious smoothie contains free radicals and antioxidant compounds that help repair hair damage caused by the sun. So, if you drink this smoothie regularly, toxin removal is accelerated and collagen and keratin synthesis is stimulated, which is good for strengthening hair and supplying nutrition.


  • 3 apples
  • 3 orange juice
  • 3 carrots
  • 1/2 cup of water (100 mL)


  • Wash the apples, cut into several pieces and put in a blender.
  • We squeeze orange house and cut carrot.
  • Mix all ingredients, including half a cup of water, in a blender and grind well for a few seconds.
  • Take a smoothie as soon as it ‘s finished .

How to drink

  • Drink this smoothie on an empty stomach at least three times a week .

Woman in White Sleeveless High Neck Top Showing Her Back

Is your hair dull and dehydrated? Have you not been able to catch hair loss with topical treatment? Then choose one of these natural smoothies to supply more nutrients to your hair and strengthen your hair!

*All Image from pexel

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Beauty – Homemade Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Aging Cream You Can Easily Try !

10 secrets of the anti-aging industry - MarketWatch

Since this cream is made from natural ingredients, it should be used faster than commercially available products. However, the effect is not far behind.

Today in this article, I’m going to talk about homemade anti-aging creams.

At any age, the ability to regenerate the skin will decrease . It becomes difficult to heal gradually with toxins accumulated in the environment.

After 30 years of age, collagen and skin elasticity decreases. Collagen and skin elasticity are factors that strengthen the skin and make it look younger.

Was hilft gegen Falten? Anti-Aging Behandlung beim Profi - Cleanskin

Besides, we have no choice but to feel stressed in our lives, and it is the main culprit that makes stress look older.

Skin cells have a fixed time to regenerate. However , if an overload occurs, this process will be slow.Still, there are many types of cosmetics that can help with this type of skin damage and keep you younger.Among these various cosmetics, natural cream contains ingredients that help skin look younger and look younger. Let’s learn how to make an anti-aging cream. It’s very simple to make at home.

Homemade anti-aging cream made from natural ingredients

Spice Bottles on Shelf

You can make an anti-aging cream at home with natural ingredients. It will shine your skin and prevent wrinkles. 

The biggest advantage is that it does not contain any irritating chemicals . This means that there are no allergic reactions and there are no other side effects. Best of all, it is good because you can not spend a lot of money to buy cosmetics that are not very effective and expensive.

Don’t be suspicious of these effects, let’s learn more about each ingredient.


Benefits of Olive Oil

Photo of Olives on Cup of Olive Oil

Olive oil, which is used in various ways both nutritionally and medicinally, is an organic product and has various effects.  It contains omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that activate skin regeneration and keep the skin moist .

Olive oil deeply moisturizes the skin and accelerates the natural healing process, so it can be used instead of a commercially available cream.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Clear Glass Container with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used when you have skin problems. 

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil normalize the skin’s natural pH levels to prevent excessive oil production. It also prevents skin blemishes. It also contains a component known as lauric acid , which protects the skin . Softens skin and makes it look younger.

Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin. It softens several layers of skin, cleanses the skin and protects it from irritating environmental factors.

Benefits of Beeswax

Yellow and Black Bees on Brown and Black Textile

Beeswax is a natural ingredient, rich in enzymes and antibacterial properties. When skin care is used a lot to rejuvenate damaged cells and soften the skin. 

It removes allergens, cleanses and protects the skin. It also moisturizes the skin.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Selective Focus Photo of Bottle With Cork Lid

Lavender oil , which has a good scent and relaxing effect, is often used for skin care. It has antiseptic and regenerating effects. It can also be used to prevent diseases such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis and skin problems.

It also has the effect of regenerating damaged skin or premature aging .

Vitamin E benefits

Vitamin-E-Mangel | Meine Gesundheit

The last material into the cream in this article are vitamin E is. It is a key ingredient in preventing wrinkles. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, slows the damage caused by free radicals and harmful UV rays. 

It also prevents damage to skin cells and scarring.


How To Make Homemade Anti-Aging Cream

Lavender hand cream « Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation ...
Image source

Make homemade cream with the ingredients described above. You can do it one by one, one by one. Remember that you must buy organic products that have good nutritional benefits.


  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (32 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (30 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of beeswax (30 g)
  • 1/2 teaspoon lavender oil (3 g)
  • 2 vitamin E capsules

How To Make?

  • Dissolve coconut oil and beeswax in a medium bath.
  • Stir well with a spoon so that the two ingredients melt and mix well.
  • When mixed well, add olive oil and lavender oil.
  • Turn off the lights and open the vitamin E capsule to add vitamins.
  • When sufficiently cooled, put in a glass bottle and close the lid.
  • Store in a cool dark place. It can be used up to 2 months.

How To Use?

  • Apply as needed on face, neck and chest.
  • It is recommended to apply this cream daily before sleeping.
  • There is no need to rinse.

Have you ever made and used a cream similar to this anti-aging cream? Once you make it at home, you will realize that you don’t have to pay expensive money and buy cosmetics.

*all image from pexel

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Beauty – Top 7 Natural Ingredients To Strengthen Your Weak Nails

Nail Salon Tips: What Manicurists Won't Tell You | The Healthy

Women mostly hate weak and damaged nails. These nails easily break or break, causing uncomfortable problems. Fortunately, however, there is a way to treat nails at home!

Today, this article introduces 7 home remedies to strengthen weak nails. Beautiful nails stand out at any moment. But weak, cracked nails are the worst nightmare for women.

Nails can be weakened by a variety of problems, including continued use of a nail polish remover, excessive exposure to water, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, psoriasis, lung problems, anemia, and fungal infections .

Whatever the reason, weak nails easily break and break, causing discomfort all the time. Fortunately, however, there are ways to treat these nails at home.

7 Natural Ingredients to strengthen weak nails


1.Vitamin E oil

Ten potential benefits of Vitamin E Oil - Skin Beauty

Nails often become weak due to dehydration. At this time , using vitamin E oil to maintain moisture can nourish your nails and strengthen your nails.

  • Extract oil from vitamin E capsules.
  • Apply this oil to your nails.
  • Massage gently to aid circulation.
  • Repeat for 2-3 weeks each day for improvement .

Alternatively, vitamin E capsules may be taken orally. For best results, it is a good idea to use this treatment before going to bed.

2. Coconut oil

Clear Glass Container with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also a good home remedy for strengthening nails . This oil contains saturated fats that hydrate the nails and protect them from infection.

  • Apply warm coconut oil directly to your nails and gently massage for 5 minutes.
  • This will improve blood circulation under the nail .
  • Use coconut oil 2-3 times a day.

3. Apple cider vinegar

How to Remove Stretch Marks with Apple Cider Vinegar - BigBlueTest

Among other natural remedies, apple cider vinegar is particularly effective for fragile nails. This is because it contains rich nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium Apple cider vinegar also contains acetic acid and malic acid, which prevent nail infections.

  • Mix the same amount of apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Soak your nails in this mixture for a few minutes.
  • Immediately after that, gently cut out the cuticle.
  • This treatment is done for 5 days to strengthen the nails .

4. Lemon juice

Lemon Fruits

Lemon juice strengthens the nails and makes them shine.

  • Use a cotton swab to apply lemon juice to your nails and wear gloves overnight.

5. Olive oil

Bowl Being Poured With Yellow Liquid

Warm oil can improve nail condition and texture.

  • Mix the same amount of jojoba oil and olive oil.
  • Heat until oil is warm.
  • Dip a small cotton swab into the mixture and apply it to your nails.
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes so that the oil can seep into your nails and supply nutrients.

6. Egg yolk

The Real Reason Why Egg Yolks Are Different Colors | Taste of Home

If your nails break because of dryness, egg yolk is the best remedy.

  • Massage the nails for 2 minutes using egg yolks.
  • Rinse with clean water.

7. Orange juice

Selective Focus Photography of Pure Orange Juice

Orange juice contains folic acid, which is essential for nail growth .

  • Extract fresh orange juice.
  • Soak your nails in juice for 10 minutes .
  • Wash off with warm water.
  • Pat your nails lightly and apply a moisturizer.

*Other Additional Habits to make weak nails stronger

Nail health: white nails, ridged nails, white marks & more - Saga
Image from pinterest
  • Eat foods rich in biotin , such as whole grains, eggs, tomatoes, almonds, cauliflower, lentils, strawberries, beans, and milk Alternatively, a biotin supplement may be used after consulting a doctor.
  • Eat protein-rich foods such as fish, poultry , beef, pork, seeds, nuts, spinach and other vegetables You can also replenish this nutrient by drinking protein shakes.
  • Exercise regularly to maintain healthy blood circulation This will help your nails grow stronger and grow faster.
  • Keep your nails short to reduce surface area By doing so, you can make your nails absorb less water and chemicals.
  • Choose a good brand nail polish remover.
  • To absorb vitamin D , expose your nails to sunlight for several minutes each day.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • To prevent infection, do not remove the cuticle, but push it back.
  • Use cuticle cream to keep it moisturized.
  • Regularly trim your nails to avoid cracks and dead skin cells.
  • Wear gloves when you need to come in contact with water, detergent or chemicals .


*Things NOT To Do

Are people who bite their nails perfectionists?
Image from pinterest
  • Avoid overexposure to your hands .
  • Do not use nail polish removers that contain strong chemicals such as acetone and formaldehyde.
  • Do not use artificial nails as they can lead to infection.
  • Do not use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as they can dry your nails.
  • Do not bite or tear off your nails. Also, avoid scratching your nails.
  • Don’t use too many nail polish removers.


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Beauty Skin care – 7 Best Ways How to Naturally Minimize Your Pores

Woman With Brown

Let’s get something straight: You cannot get rid of your pores. 

Pores are the small openings on your face that many of us wish to shrink for that porcelain skin look. Smaller pores can result in flawless makeup application, smoother-looking skin, or a more even skin tone. But pores aren’t the enemy: the reality is that they exist to help your skin breathe, and since their size is determined by DNA, there are no permanent solutions to physically minimize pores.

So If they bother you, they’re probably wider, deeper, or more prominent than they should be, and that’s probably because they’re clogged or not as tight as you’d like. Good news: You can do something about that.

Woman Wearing White Bathrobe

What causes the appearance of large pores?

Pores are genetically determined, depending on how your glands are structured. People with dry skin and fair skin tend to have smaller pores while oily skin and darker, more olive skin tones, tend to have more visible pores.

Can you actually shrink pores?

Going to hit you with a harsh truth out the gate .You can minimize the appearance of your pores, but because pore sizes are genetically determined, you can’t really shrink them. Your pores can get stretched out when they’re consistently clogged, which makes them appear bigger.

Aging and exposure to UV rays and pollution can lead to loss of collagen which can in turn increase your pore size. Instead of shrinking pores you can move to making them less visible.


7 Best Ways How to Minimize Your Pores Naturally

Selective Focus Portrait Photo of Woman With a Towel on Head Looking in the Mirror

1. Wash your face regularly

It’s important to always wash your face with a gentle cleanser, especially before bedtime, to remove any extra dirt and grease. Using a facial cleansing brush can help remove every ounce every grime, oil, and makeup.

In addition to cleansing every day, always use clean makeup brushes (you should clean them at least once a week, or else your makeup brushes could get pretty disgusting) and never touch your face with your fingers. Your complexion (and your makeup brushes!) will thank you.


2. Exfoliate your face once or twice a week

While keeping your face clean is so important, it’s the act of getting rid of dead skin cells that really keeps your complexion looking its best. Exfoliation can be achieved in a number of ways, both physical (like face scrubs or that cleansing brush) and chemical (products with gentle acids that encourage cell regeneration).

Look for gentle cleansers containing low concentrations of salicylic acid (.5% – 1%) or lactic or glycolic acid (2.5% – 5%) will stimulate cell turnover and keep pores clean.

3. Remember to be gentle on your skin

Regular exfoliation is important, but being too rough on your skin can also damage your pores. Be gentle so you don’t expand your pores, which you can do permanently with aggressive cleansing, exfoliating, or skin picking. K-Beauty Skincare is one of the best ways for smaller pores for your information.

4. Moisturize twice a day, every day

It’s important to use a high-quality, noncomedogenic moisturizer twice a day. If you leave your skin to get dry, it will respond by producing excessive amounts of oil that can clog your pores. Beyond using a great face moisturizer regularly, make sure know how to apply your moisturizer correctly in order to really benefit from the hydrating ingredients.


5. Use sunscreen every single day

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, and for good reason: SPF is an integral part of your skincare routine. “UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin, thus expanding the pore,” (not to mention scary sun damage, wrinkles, and premature aging), warns Dr. Lolis. “So the best way to prevent your pores from becoming enlarged is to protect yourself from the sun.”

Warning: Some sunscreens can make your skin appear shinier or oilier, thus accentuating your pores. In that case, opt for a matte finish primer, foundation, or powder to minimize that effect. Alternatively, invest in a sunscreen formulated specifically for your face, like Julep’s No Excuses Invisible Gel Sunscreen.

6. Stay hydrated

Yes, you can and should start by drinking a lot of water, but you should also use a hydrating serum before layering on moisturizer. “It helps shrink your pores by plumping up the surrounding skin,” explains Dr. Craig Kraffert, dermatologist and president of Amarte.

Just make sure you exfoliate often so your hydrator can really work its magic — otherwise, all those great ingredients will merely sit on the skin’s surface on top of a layer of dead skin.


7. Find the right face mask for your skin type

Face masks are an easy, luxurious, and relatively inexpensive way to shrink pores, unwind, and implement some much-needed self care. At-home treatments such as face masks and peels work with consistent longterm use.

If you have large pores and oily skin, “masks containing ingredients such as clay or charcoal work by absorbing oil out of pores.” Olay’s Pore Detox Black Charcoal Clay Stick has all the pore-vacuuming benefits in a no-mess stick form. If you have combination skin, you can try the multi-masking technique.

+ Consider a laser treatment

Woman Having Facial Care

That’s right: in extreme cases, lasers can help reduce your actual pore size. A series of treatments with non-ablative lasers can help reduce pores by building collagen, thereby plumping the skin and shrinking pores.

Additionally, popular laser treatment Fraxel resurfaces the skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Fraxel technology uses thermal heat to create controlled, microscopic wounds in the skin. The process stimulates the body’s production of new collagen, resulting in a smoother texture and more refined pores.


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SKIN CARE – Things You Should Know About K-Beauty + Koreans Glowing Skin Secret

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE
Image from Hypebae

What is K beauty?

KBeauty is a term for skin-care products that derive from South Korea. The fad gained popularity worldwide, especially in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the US and focuses on health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment.

Essentially a name to categorize the Korean influence upon our own skincare routines and the epic product imports from the country itself, K-Beauty is the secret to looking as luminous as is humanly possible.

While K-Beauty is no longer a new concept to us, its typically kitschy aesthetic kept it confined to teenage beauty cabinets for a few years. But now, Korean skincare has truly come of age, with the likes of Cult Beauty, Net-A-Porter and Selfridges now offering a selection of sophisticated Korean lines that will appeal to the skintellectual as well as the K-Beauty obsessive.

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Cream Skin Is The New Glass Skin For K-Beauty

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE

Why K-Beauty?

Benefits garnered from Kbeauty are more than meet the eye – sheet masks that provide unrivaled moisture, while leaving a gorgeous glow; hydrating body lotions that help to improve circulation. More dual duty of these products? Aside from the aesthetic benefits, they’re safe to use, having been approved by the KFDA.

Image result for K BEAUTY SKIN CARE
Image from sisinternational

Why is it so good?

It’s said this mucus helps to fade acne scar and hyper pigmentation while moisturizing and firming the skin. The use of these relatively unknown ingredients makes the Korean products so much more appealing to people all over the world.

Image result for skin care routine gif

How to Basically Care Your Skin In K-Beauty Way (Skincare Routine)

1. Eye make-up remover

Why? The skin around your eyes is thinner and much more delicate, which means an ordinary cleanser cannot be expected to step up to the mark without dragging the skin around.

2. Double cleanse

Why? Clean = pristine. Your first, oil-based, cleanser (yes, there will be two), is used to dissolve make-up and grime that sits on the surface of your skin, allowing your second clean (usually a foam or stick) to tackle pollution and impurities from within the pores.

3. Exfoliate

Why? Less is more for the Korean woman, so you won’t find any hardcore daily exfoliants on the K-Beauty aisles. Some industry experts recommend exfoliating every other day, while others suggest as little as once a month. Twice a week, with a gentle AHA-soaked pad, is a happy medium for most.


4. Tone

Why? To remove any left-over cleansing residue, and prep the skin for the next steps.

5. Treatment essence

Why? This is likely the point where you’ll start scratching your head. However, essence is actually less mythical than it sounds – these watery formulas are simply a lighter version of a serum, used to prep your skin for the products that follow.

6. Treatments

Why? Ok, this one’s easy. Slather on your favourite boosters, serums and ampoules to clarify, brighten, or simply hydrate with concentrated active ingredients. Typically, K-Beauty treatments are highly results-focused, holding up to ingredients-list scrutiny with ease.

7. Sheet mask

Why? We’re not suggesting you reach for a sheet mask every day, but they are a great weekly treat to help infuse more moisture into your skin, leading to that elusive glass-skin glow.

8. Eye cream

Why? See step 1: your eyes need special care and attention stat.

9. Sleep Pack/Moisturiser

Why? You’ve come so far, you may as well finish the job with a seriously hydrating or detoxing overnight pack (that’s a face mask you don’t wash off to you and me) or day cream. Only this time it’ll be supercharged by the eight other products you’ve already put on your face.


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Beauty Cosmetics – 3 Best Blemish Concealers For Epic MakeUp

Image result for concealer

Concealer can come in different colors, and the main ones to look out for here are yellow based ones that will help even out skin tone, while a green-based option can help reduce redness.  

When covering spots, put a tiny amount on either a small brush or your fingertip and dab on the spot gently. Concealers are also a great choice for masking any discolourings or redness.

I brought Top 3 Blemish Concealer Information from popular brand that you guys already know. No-ad based, but from my experience and one from people around me.

Image result for concealer make up gif

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

Image result for bobbi brown creamy concealer kit

This yellow-based, creamy concealer is first applied to the spot, and then set with the sheer powder that evens out the concealer and keeps it in place.  It comes in an impressive 15 shades and is a good one for fairer skins as the palest one comes with a white powder (as opposed to the yellow-based one you get with the others). Containing Vitamin A and E, it’s gets points for keeping skin nourished too. Also, this is my favorite one.


2. NARS Concealer

Image result for nars concealer stick

This stick concealer is easy to apply by putting it straight on to the spot. Start with a minimal amount and then build it up depending on how much coverage you need and it will see you throughout the day. It also contains Vitamin E, so it will help moisturise the skin, avoiding dryness. There are nine shades to choose from.  

3. MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Image result for mac studio finish concealer

People found this creamy concealer disguised the angriest of spots, without clogging skin. Apply with a finger or thin brush. The SPF 35 makes it a good choice for those enjoying a bit of sun, and it comes in 15 different shades.


About Using Concealer…

While liquid-based, light-reflecting concealers can be good for under-eye areas due to their re-hydrating qualities, a solid or stick-based concealer can be better for blemishes. You’ll get better coverage and the fact they are drier means they will stay put in the face of oils in the affected area.

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