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Today, I am going to introduce Trolli Planet Gummi !

I first came to know about this gummi is from Korean community who likes popular german products to buy. This one is so popular for Koreans to try and buy from Germany. As you see its shape, it looks so interesting to make me feel like ‘I want to buy one and taste it for real.’ I thought I can simply get it from grocery stores as living in Germany, but I could not easily get it offline store. (I tried but failed so many times)

But then, I also tried to get it online in Amazon and could finally find one !

To be honest, When I peeled it off for the first time, I was little be disappointed ’cause I thought earth printing would be also on the gummi with blue color. But it is just print on its package. (for you to know! )

Taste? I guess It is more like marshmallow than jelly in my perspective. I mean, It is more like fluffy than chewy. But it does not mean the gummie tastes bad at all. With berry-grape-taste fruity filling jam inside, Combination of the jam and its real texture makes it much more full taste in mouth.

If I have to say any bad side of the products, My tongue turned to be blue after eating several gummi. HAHAHA but it would not say it is really bad but simply fun. I think it could be awesome gift not only for children but also for adults who like marshmallow and unique gummi products and have a sweet tooth.

I hope you guys also try this tasty gummi, you will never regret of buying!

Oh, and If you want another unique gummi, I can suggest you “Trolli Glotzer Schaumzucker Gummibon“.
I have never tried this by myself, but i guess it would taste similar with different looks.
It can’t be much more perfect enough for Halloween !

Trolli Glotzer Schaumzucker Gummibonbons mit saurer fruchtiger Füllung 60 stk.

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