Hi ! This time, We are going to talk about what kind of nail shapes there is in the world and what is my favorites among them.

As I am nail art lover, I am already so into trying different nail shape to find out which type of the shape would look the best. That is why I started learning this information.

First of all, there are Oval, Square, Coffin (so called ballerina), Almond, Stiletto, Lipstick and Flare. (You can see each shape on right below photo.)


Speaking of which, My favorite is Coffin and Almond shape!

Almond is able to make my fingers look longer. What’s more, round edge of the top makes personal impressed image clear. If you want to add unique point on the clearing, of course, additional coloring or special design is all up to you.

My self-nail art with almond shape.

*Reference – my previous post – Self Nail Art of the week

Coffin shape is also attractive and worth to try as new ! But sadly, This is just my opinion and experience, coffin shaped nail with medium length is quite hard to maintain after getting nails done for people doing house chore almost everyday and having a job mainly for typing.
But I still can’t resist to try them on to refresh my mood.

To check out sample designs on each shape and its well-marked difference, Have a look at below gallery. Coffin nail usually does much more fancy and noticeable design than almond shape, just what I have felt from ail designing.


Photos of almond shape nails

Photos of coffin (ballerina) shape nails

Seriously, Coffin shape is LOVE. 🙂 I wish I could do one of those designs with coffin shape by myself. Stay at my blog, as I am already trying to make it and share the result with you.

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