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BEAUTY – DIY – Incredible Result From Bleaching Hair At Home By Myself

Hey all, I came back with the final result of bleaching hair at home! As you can check on the previous post, I kind of failed on getting result that I expected.

After that, I have been through little bit more process to reach my color goal. In conclusion, I could organized what I have done for it on my hair condition.

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(Before bleaching, I have experience on dying my hair into black.)
(My original hair type is think and very dark brown color.)

3 times of bleaching hair with syoss 13-0 Ultra Aufheller
1 time of Fanola No Yellow shampoo

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syoss 13-0 Ultra Aufheller
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Fanola No Yellow shampoo

For tips of bleaching hair by yourself at home, you have to prepare thick cream to apply on your skin around your hair like back of your ears and neck. Bleaching is usually giving you a pain on your skin when it is being done.

Also, to get the best result from bleaching, you better use cooking foil for each applying. It helps your hair bleaching keep heat to change color of your hair.

About how long you have to stay on bleaching, if you have thick and strong hair of Asian like me, I recommend around 1 hour each bleaching. Of course, I know it will damage hair seriously. But in fact, you should never bleach if you are about hair damage, am I right? As you decided to have a bleach, I guess you want to have the best result on each time.

If you have thin and weak hair, around 30 minutes would be more than enough for each time of bleaching.

When I got 2 times of bleaching only

AFter 2 times, I found out dying my hair to black was a big mistake for the moment. It turned to red first on the spot that once had black hair dying products.

After 3 times, I could remove red color from my hair but instead, I got orange-yellow color with uneven layers of hair color. AS I said, This is all because of black hair dying before.

Haha, the result looks funny as you can see on above pictures. I got purple-ashy color on the spot which is well bleached with no problem. The rest of part, well… at least I can see most of orange-yellow color is canceled out. This is not enough though. I can’t be satisfied with it.

So, This is not done yet, I will keep posting after using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo few more times!

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