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Your smartphone never takes holiday from ringing for your social network message and alert. These contact includes one from your work and group chat.

Think about likes from those social network platforms. When focusing on checking and answering, you will find yourself getting exhausted in daily basis. You will probably want to shout out, ‘Leave me alone!’

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You sometimes want to give all up and get away from it. At least one day of weekend, you might feel desires not to text back to your friends and not to be obsessed with social network activities. Have you felt once to cancel everything which you were supposed to do on weekend and leaving them behind to lie down on your bed and play with your soft, fluffy blanket?


Due to the problem and concern, there is new concept of diet coming out recently. The Diet deleting every unnecessary application in your phone and fixing certain time for social networking. Overusing search portal website would be limited as well.

Those people are being called ‘JOMO(Joy of Missing Out)’.

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JOMO has been spreading fast since number of sole household has been increasing. Because those people love spending time being alone and time for “Me and Myself”.

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Like, Eating alone, Travelling alone and consuming for my important value. JOMOs love isolated time for themselves alone. Thinking about having own free time alone without anyone’s opinion, I feel relieved and even peaceful, as I have my own time to thinking about myself and any idea for developing better life. I am sure You would feel the same as well!

In the past, there had been ‘FOMO(Fear of Missing Out)’ in overall society. People were afraid of feeling left out of social community not to feel isolated and not to lose any good information and connection. Those people made such hard effort to be “Insider” for major leagues, however, they used too much energy for too many networks that they have made.

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Do not afraid of being alone, your life is yours, no one else’s. You can enjoy your own life by your own with saving much energy and money.


How about you guys, are you one of people in JOMO? or FOMO? Still confused? I recommend you to consider once which type of person you want to be.

I do not mean you have to decide one side and only stick to your decision. You can be both, but I am telling you being alone spending time for yourself is not bad as your think. Who knows, It could give you stable and calm feeling with good memory for your life.

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