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I am usually thinking about nails, most of the time, and I am trying to deal with an interesting topic that I want to share.

“I don’t do drama, I do nails!”

I used to do long long nails few months before. Like, other nail-lovers. So far, Nail is LIFE to me. However, It costs too much a lot on daily life to simply embrace. Well, I would say it was quite hard time to maintain beautiful nails.

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If you need to work and even do house chore by your won without helpers, you better know about problems in advance that you would have as soon as you get long nails.

1.Hard to Type Right

Image result for shoe lace long nails gif
Image result for shoe lace long nails gif

For me, I have a job in the office which means that I usually do my job typing for reports and communications. Some say that it is not problem at all to type with long nails. But think about this, every sound whenever you type with your nails would be kind of annoying to others. Besides, you will get much typo than when you are without those. That is another bothering part, indeed.

2.Quite Impossible to Open Can by your own nail

Image result for open can

It is quite awkward when you can’t even open a can by your own on a first date at restaurant. It is even worse there is no one around you to help. Or you could be type of person who can’t easily ask for help to strangers. Do not try too much to make it done by your long nail, it would be just broken if you think about it easily.


3.Awkward when you press any button

Step 3: Enter your PIN

This part is the most embarrassing moment that I even had because of long nails. Showing off your brand new nails to public could be cool. But things are different when you buy grocery at supermarket. To be specifically, If you prefer using card not cash, that is the epic point that I am talking about. The moment when you have to press your pin code into card reader but you can’t easily press it right because of length of nails…Believe me, that is not pleasant at all.

4.Not free when you fix your shoe lace

Image result for shoe lace nails gif

With long nails, your would not feel free whenever you have to fix your shoe lace or even pull your pants up. Of course, you can do those, but what I mean is that It would take longer time than usual. I mean, Long Long time. Imagine that this keeps going every day even when you have to hurry for some reason. That sucks.

5. Bother Yourself to Wash Hair

Image result for annoying washing hair gif

Yes, You have used your tip of nails and fingers when you wash your hair. But you will have to forget to do it like usual if you decide to get long nails. At the first time , you would feel awkward when you wash your hair only with tip of fingers. You have to stretch your all finger like straight at all time to wash your hair properly. Be noted that you can’t bend your finger like when you have short nails. If you do that any case, you would break your beautiful long nails or have a damage on your scalp.

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