A new season’s campaign that portrays a designer’s fashion fantasy! 

But why does Saint Laurent always insist on black and white photos? Well, Let’s Find the reason for wonderful pictures from below.

Fashion house designers who are preparing for a new season must appeal to the public with one or two photos of their collection. A campaign of fashion brands that portrays the vision of the house, fashion fantasy, and the concept of each season! Most of them are glamorous celebrities and super models.

Nevertheless, Saint Laurent is more focused on revealing the sexy DNA of the house than on the gorgeous campaign. St. Laurent’s campaign is chic, and the identity of the brand is clearly conveyed, so that if you pile up photos from all seasons, you will be able to complete a wonderful collection of black and white photos.


Hedi Slimane by Saint Laurent (2014 F / W)The portrait-oriented black and white portrait began in earnest by Eddie Sleeman , who served for four years from 2012 . He erased Yves from Yves Saint Laurent and succeeded in rebranding to what is now Saint Laurent. It was revealed through a black-and-white portrait with an underground musician.

And in 2016, the fashion industry is leaving Hedi Slimane disappointed yet bonaegil Anthony’s Bar in Karelia (Anthony Vaccarello) walked to the new expectations. Expecting the era of fantasy, elegant, sensual, and sexy Saint Laurent created by Yves Saint Laurent in the past.

The following year, Anthony to bar Karel found revive the dramatic mood of neunsaeng Laurent. His black and white portrait is more intense, energetic, and plastic. Eddy Sleeman’s street minimalism was focused on Eve Saint Laurent’s elegant yet sensual brand archive.


“I was very surprised by Berger (a representative of the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation) that I sent the Saint Laurent studio team to study the archive collection. He said it was the first time. There is no material that is as good as an actual archive collection for inspiration. ” 
2017. June Interview 

In addition, Anthony Bar Carell as the lot you are interested in visual tasks, and last December he to selected artists commissioned work project ‘Self’ for Wong Kar-wai directed the short film drifting feeling commissioned to noir mulssin ‘Shanghai at night (A Night in Shanghai) .
“The work of the royal family imagining individual emotions is like a vivid dream projecting the real world. In this movie, the fantasy of Saint Laurent was naturally embodied. ”It boasted the subtle harmony between the traditional Shanghai feel and modern Saint Laurent.

And last month, Anthony to bar Carell is in LA page Hebrews / Klein Gallery (Fahey / Klein Gallery) with the collaboration directly curation opened an exhibition in 1986 fashion and art photos professionally on page Hebrews / Klein Gallery is dealt with It is a renowned gallery with more than 10,000 works by various photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, and Melvin Sokolsky. Pictures of artists and stars such as Mick Jagger, Lady Warhol, and Keith Richards, picked by Anthony Bacarello, are also available at the St. Laurent Rive Droite store in Paris and Los Angeles.


Ssint Laurent Rive Droite

For him, these pictures are more special and important than celebrity power. In a last interview, he replied about the relationship between the designer and celebrity.  

“I don’t want to sit in First Row for the stars that I give and bring in for $ 5,000 for a photo. It’s not sincere. I want a true muse.”

'Paul Simonon, The Clash, Milan, 1980 “by Janette Beckman (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

‘Paul Simonon, The Clash, Milan, 1980 “by Janette Beckman (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

'Nico in Times Square, New York, 1964 “by Steve Schapiro (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

‘Nico in Times Square, New York, 1964 “by Steve Schapiro (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

"Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, New York City, 1981" by Arthur Elgort (from FAHEY / KLEIN)

“Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, New York City, 1981” by Arthur Elgort (from FAHEY / KLEIN)15SHARE