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In this article, I introduce seven makeup methods that make us really amazing. Follow Me!

Anyone can wear beautiful makeup without learning or becoming an expert. In fact, it is more important to see what we are doing than what we do. However, how much you decorate depends on how much time you have in the end.

However, busy modern people are always chased by time. 

So today, I will introduce a way to make a beautiful makeup without taking a long time. It is not difficult, so anyone can follow methods. If you follow it one by one, you will be more beautiful automatically.

7 most basic makeup methods

1.Blusher makeup method

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Blusher is a makeup that gives color to the face . Usually, just apply it and apply it with your hand or brush. But then it spreads over the entire face.

To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to make blushes naturally only on the cheek. Brightening the protruding cheekbones will make it look much more attractive.

How to do?

  • Do not apply too much cosmetics to the brush . It is better to apply a thin layer several times than to apply it thickly and erase it. If you apply too thick from the beginning, you will eventually erase everything, wash your face and repeat again.

  • Apply the blusher just below the cheek.

  • Then, without applying any cosmetics to the brush, just apply it in a circle with a brush. If you don’t know where to apply it, try changing your facial expression. This makes it easier to distinguish the cheekbone part.

  • If you’ve applied the blusher well, give the cheeks a light point. But don’t use too light or too much.

  • It is a slightly thinner brush than the one used above, and it is softer and lighter by rubbing the area near the hair, which is brightly applied with a point.

2. How to apply mascara well

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Eyelashes are the easiest part of makeup. And makeup is most noticeable. However, many people find it difficult to apply mascara.

This is because I don’t know how to apply mascara properly. Applying too much mascara makes it stick together. Also, when applying mascara, it is easily applied to the eyelids. In this case, use the following method to apply mascara. 

  • Prepare a clean, dry spoon.
  • When applying mascara to the upper eyelashes, place a spoon on the eyelids . This will prevent mascara from getting on your eyelids.

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3. How to draw eyeliner perfectly

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Here’s how to draw an eyeliner perfectly. You can also draw it as a cateye or an egyptian style.

A transparent tape or cellophane tape is required. Some people use a small tape measure. However, in general, transparent tape is used the most. Prepare a tape and try the following.

  • Apply tape along the eyelash line.
  • Draw a line with an eyeliner.
  • Remove the tape carefully.

The perfect eyeliner was drawn!

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 4. How to make lipstick last longer

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To keep the lipstick longer, you need tissue paper, brushes and translucent powder. The translucent powder helps the lipstick last longer. It also prevents smearing of lipsticks and getting on the skin.

The method is as follows.

  • First, apply cocoa butter, petrolatum or moisturizer on the lips to moisturize the lips.
  • Draw a lip line and fill it in.
  • Put toilet paper between your lips and rub lightly. 
  • Apply translucent powder with a brush. It serves to coat the lipstick once. 

  • Note Love: Applying translucent powder is the key, but don’t do it wrong. This is because applying a translucent powder can make it matte. Of course, if you want to make it matte, it’s okay, but if you want to keep it shiny, apply powder additionally.

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5. Almost false eyelashes

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If you want to achieve the same effect as applying eyelashes without applying eyelashes, try this method. If you put on false eyelashes, your eyes will look even better and look pretty.

The next method is to enrich the eyelashes like adding false eyelashes without applying false eyelashes. 


The method is as follows.

  • Apply mascara thinly.
  • Apply a small amount of compact powder to the eyelashes before the mascara is dry. 
  • Apply mascara once again.
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6. How to apply eye shadow

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The eye shadow is pretty when first applied, but the color becomes dull after time. Sometimes it looks different when the eyes are straight and when the eyes are closed.

That’s why many people use eye shadow tips most usefully. 

Initially, apply white eyeshadow to the eyelids. On top of that, apply the eyeshadow of the color I want. A white eyeshadow applied as a base makes the eyeshadow color more clear.

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7. Spray Fixer

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When I finish my makeup, I sometimes see something like powder or foundation stick together. This will make your skin look dry, or it will look mottled like cardboard.

You don’t have to worry too much. There is a way to cover it.

After finishing the makeup, sprinkle a little of the fixer. The Pixer plays a number of roles, for example:

  • Makes makeup last longer.
  • It restores the natural appearance of the face. 
  • Makes your face bright.
  • It makes it natural.
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Let’s make a wonderful transformation with 7 makeup methods introduced in this article!

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