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To apply natural makeup, it is important to first apply some products that protect the skin. This article explains how to prepare the skin exactly for natural style makeup.

For natural makeup, it’s important to know how to prepare your skin in advance. This can help to avoid blemishes and, incidentally, to smooth and protect the skin before applying cosmetics. What should I do?

You don’t have to be an expert to practice a set of habits that leave your skin glowing before applying cosmetics. It is enough to look at what you need for your skin and what is best for your case.

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Prepare your skin for natural makeup

You don’t need a special product to prepare your skin for a natural finish makeup. While there are special creams and foundations for this purpose, you can actually use the basic products of your usual beauty care routine.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the skin. Among other blemishes and blemishes, be careful whether there is a lot of oil or sebum, skin keratin occurs, rashes or areas with larger pores. Also, check for allergies and wrinkles. After doing this, you can prepare the skin in the following ways:


The new year is the basis of all cosmetic care procedures.

Without a doubt, proper face-to-face is the first step towards natural finishing makeup. It doesn’t matter if you’re wore makeup the night before. Even if you don’t notice it, your skin will remove toxins and oil through your pores throughout the night, so you’ll need to get your skin under your back.

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  • First, choose the right product for your skin type, whetherit’s soap or cleansing milk.
  • Then massage the product throughout the face, focusing on the problem area, such as blackheads or excessive oil and applied.
  • Remove residue with a damp cloth or lukewarm water.
  • Finally, pat the face with a towel to remove moisture.
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Skin removal for natural makeup

The components of the remover may irritate the skin, and this product should not be used excessively. However, it is better to use it once or twice a week because it helps minimize defects. The ingredients of the remover deeply clean the pores and make the skin smoother.


  • Rub the remover all over the face in a circular motion.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse with water and drain.
  • If you want, try a natural antisodrever. For example, honey and coarse sugar can be mixed at home.

Face Toner

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Toner helps minimize pores and bicies.

For a fresh-looking face and natural finish makeup, face toner should complement your face. This product minimizes the appearance of excessive oil due to its properties and the appearance of the skin’s smoothing due to enlarged pores, which also makes and reduces serenity.

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  • First, apply facial toner to the ground or cloth. This product can be replaced with cucumber or rose water.
  • Then gently rub all over the face.
  • Without rinsing, allow the skin to absorb as it is.

Serums for natural makeup

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Serum use is gaining popularity among those who want a long-lasting natural finish makeup. Natural or commercial serums contain nutrients that meet the needs of each skin, such as wrinkles, acne or blemishes.


  • After applying a few drops of serum, rub against any problematic areas of the face.
  • Massage for a few seconds until skin absorbs well.


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To choose a good moisturizer, it is essential to know how to determine their skin type. Some products contain more oil compounds than others, which can be harmful to oily skin.

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  • First, apply a small amount of moisturizer at your fingertips.
  • Then gently rub all over the face.
  • Avoid areas around the eye area where the skin is thinner and you need to use other products.
  • Finally, wait 5 minutes and then place the cosmetics.

Additional products for natural makeup

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The foundation should be properly applyed and spread so that there are no clumps that you don’t like to see.

The last thing you can consider for natural finishing makeup is an additional product that makes the skin more even and smooth. There are products such as primers, foundations, and concealers.

It is essential to apply the cosmetics properly because you may not want to see them. To do this without problems, you should use a makeup sponge or brush. This helps to ensure that the products work properly.

Finally, you can also use other products, such as:

  • Translucent compact
  • Eyeshadow (natural tones)
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter
  • Mascara and eyeliner
  • Lipstick
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Do you take advantage of these tips during your makeup routine? Let’s engrave it well from now on! It takes a little longer, but you can take care of your skin and enjoy a more natural look.

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