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Facial masks can be a great part of your skincare routine. Facial masks are also used for cosmetic purposes and some may even serve as a therapeutic agent for certain skin diseases.

Facial masks are very popular in everyday skincare routines. The various uses and types of facial masks are a very attractive option for skin care.

The cosmetics market is clay masks (clay masks), carbon masks (carbon masks), hyaluronic acid masks (hyaluronic acid masks), masks containing enzymes (masks with enzymes), or general moisturizing effect masks and the like are present in a variety of ways. Therefore, it is necessary to select a variety of facial masks depending on the needs of the skin.

Today, I want to explain the principles of facial masks.

How will nutrients be absorbed by the skin?

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Facial masks are very useful when they become part of your skin care routine. However, it should be noted that facial masks alone do not produce long-lasting changes in the skin.

The fundamental elements of skin care are skin cleaning, UV protection and hydration. Facial masks perform their functions based on the components in the mask. At the same time, it is needed to properly clean the skin in advance, and it is also needed to moisturize the skin.

Using a facial mask, the components of the mask are in direct contact with the skin surface. As a result, the pores become cleaner and the skin absorbs more components. Facial masks can have a visible effect on the brightness and brightness of the skin.

However, this is only a temporary phenomenon. Facial masks should be done regularly in skin care routines.Facial masks act because of the time they come into direct contact with the skin, but should be used repeatedly to maintain this effect over time.

Which facial mask should I use?

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Before using a facial mask on your skin, you should gently wash your face to remove makeup, dirt, or residue. Micellar Water can be used very effectively in this preparation phase.

After washing the face with micellar water, the face should be washed with warm water to allow pores to absorb better. This makes it easier for the skin to absorb the components of the facial mask.

In most cases, such a facial mask product should be attached to the face for about 20 to 30 minutes time. As a result, the components of the facial mask can better see into the surface of the skin and pull off the function.

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Facial mask according to skin type

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When choosing a facial mask, keep in mind what results you want to achieve. Depending on the skin type, the components of the facial mask should be selected and used according to the required application.

Dry skin

Since dry skinrequires significant moisture, cosmetic treatments of the same type as facial masks are very useful. People with dry skin can benefit from a moist facial mask every two weeks. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), avocado (avocado) or shea butter (shea butter) contribute to hydration and water retention.

Acne or inflammation

Facial skin masks are not a long-term acne treatment. However, facial masks can help reduce inflammation and prevent acute onset.

Salicylic acid (salicylic acid), benzoyl peroxide (benzoyl peroxide), and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA, alpha-hydroxy acids) remove dead cells and pore clogging debris on the skin surface. As for the latter, thesestudies have revealed positive effects on acne scars.

Oily skin

The best products for oily skin are facial masks that remove excess oil and increase pore transmission. Products that are good for oily skin include salicylic acid (salicylic acid), glycolic acid (glycolic acid), sulfur (sulfur), charcoal (charcoal).

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Fine oil

Facial masks do not completely eliminate fine hair on the face. However, facial masks can help minimize the appearance of fine lines of wrinkles. Skin experts recommend masks with vitamin C because of its antioxidant potential in people with oily skin. In addition, facial masks also produce a continuous stimulus for collagen production.

Vitamin E is an effective anti-aging option with resveratrol and ferulic acid. Both components protect the skin from external substances that cause fine oil due to contamination or damage from ultraviolet rays.


Niacinamide (Niacinamide) has an antioxidant effect, and the erythema (erythema) is reduced, and the skin tone is improved. In fact, according to a study conducted bythe British Journal of Dermatology, niacinamide also contributes to inhibiting oxidation.

Spots and pigment over-flowering

This type of skinis difficult to observe the immediate effect. Thus, using a facial mask can complement the pigmentation treatment. The most useful components in this case are kojic acid (kojic acid), trans siem acid (tranexamic acid), azelaic acid (azelaic acid).

What to watch out for for facial mask ingredients

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Many facial masks are attractive in aesthetic terms. However, not all of these facial masks fulfill the functions they claim to offer; they must therefore be careful not to fall for commercial deception.

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Facial masks containing perfumes (fragrances), dyes (dyes),parabens (parabens) can be harmful to particularly sensitive types of skin. In order to avoid these products and select hypoaller-based products, it is best to read the label and analyze the ingredients.

Homemade facial masks can be safe and effective as long as you know the ingredients you should and shouldn’t use. The following factors have a pandemic, so it is not recommended to use them:

  • Lemon: Like vinegar, lemon is an acidic product that produces residual pigmentation and irritation.
  • Egg whites: can cause skin infections and make wounds worse.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: This material is highly alkaline, destroying the skin’s protective film and losing moisture on its own.

Facial masks complement your skincare routine

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Facial masks can complement skin treatment routines. Along with cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection, facial masks are a great option to use to improve your skin and appearance.

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However, the price of a facial mask doesn’t always represent the quality or effectiveness of the product, so keep this in mind when choosing a facial mask.

The best way is to identify the characteristics and needs of each individual’s own skin. This allows you to choose the right product for you and get the most out of it.

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